Brown Rice Veggie Burgers

Brown Rice Veggie Burgers
Makes 6
Prep 15 m
Cook 7 m
Broil 16 m
Microwave 90 seconds



  1. 1 of 4 Heat broiler. Line a large baking sheet with foil. Coat foil with nonstick cooking spray. Coat a 10- inch nonstick skillet with nonstick cooking spray. Add onion and cook over medium heat, 2 minutes. Add mushrooms and continue to cook for 4 minutes. Add soy sauce; cook 1 minute. Remove from heat.
  2. 2 of 4 Heat rice in microwave following package directions, 90 seconds. Transfer rice and skillet contents to a food processor. Add chickpeas. Cover and pulse until mixture resembles ground beef (the chickpeas should be chopped up). Transfer to a large bowl.
  3. 3 of 4 Add shredded zucchini, cheese and bread crumbs to bowl with rice mixture. Stir to combine. Stir in egg, salt and pepper until all ingredients are moistened. Let mixture rest 5 minutes.
  4. 4 of 4 With wet hands, shape mixture into six 3-1/2-inch patties, a scant cup for each. Place on foil-lined pan. Broil, 3 inches from heat, for 8 minutes. Carefully flip over and continue to broil an additional 8 minutes, until browned and crispy. Serve with green salad alongside.
Nutrition Information for Brown Rice Veggie Burgers
Servings Per Recipe: 6
Per Serving: 2 g sat. fat, 6 g Fat, total, 45 mg chol., 14 g pro., 32 g carb., 245 kcal cal., 5 g fiber, 835 mg sodium