Skeleton Cookies

Skeleton Cookies
Prep 20 m
Bake 12 m
Refrigerate 2 hours or overnight


  1. 1 of 1 Beat 2 sticks (1 cup) softened unsalted butter with 1 1/4 cups granulated sugar until creamy. Beat in 1 large egg and 1 tsp vanilla extract. Whisk 2 3/4 cups all-purpose flour, 1/2 cup unsweetened cocoa powder and 1/4 tsp salt and beat in on low, alternating with 1/4 cup milk. Gather dough together, divide in half, wrap in plastic and refrigerate 2 hours or overnight. Roll dough to 1/4-inch thickness. Use a 3 1/2- to 4-inch gingerbread cutter to cut out cookies. Repeat with all dough. Bake at 375 degrees for 12 minutes. Cool on a wire rack. To decorate, beat 3 cups confectioners' sugar, 3 tbsp meringue powder or powdered egg whites and 4 to 5 tbsp water until stiff. Transfer to a piping bag fitted with a small writing tip. Pipe skeletons onto cooled cookies. Let dry.
Nutrition Information for Skeleton Cookies
Servings Per Recipe:
Per Serving: 27 mg sodium, 2 g pro., 17 g sugar, 1 g fiber, 25 g carb., 3 g sat. fat, 6 g Fat, total, 154 kcal cal.