Hungry? We've got you covered. From quick breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes to holiday and healthy eating, we have enough easy, delicious recipes to inspire even the laziest cook (not to mention please the picky eaters).

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Showstopping Pumpkin Desserts

Good old canned pumpkin is the star of these showstopping desserts.
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Easy Weeknight Family Dinners from New 'Hero Dinners' Cookbook

As parents of two grown kids, chef duo Marge Perry and David Bonom conservatively estimate that they’ve made 11,000 weeknight meals over the years. They’ve compiled a slew of them in their new cookbook, Hero Dinners. These five will give you a little taste.
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Cozy Fall Dinner Recipe Ideas

You've got to get food on the table, and you want to have your family dinner menus change with the seasons. Try one of our perfect meals for autumn: We have sheet pan pork and veg, easy and comforting pot pie, spicy seafood pasta, crispy vegetarian tofu with rice and, of course, delicious chicken. Each recipe comes together quickly. So snuggle into your coziest sweater and get cooking.
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Build an Eggo Bar for Your "Stranger Things"–Themed Halloween Party

Ever since Eleven scarfed down Eggos in the woods (in between flexing her telekinetic skills), toaster waffles have been the Stranger Things signature snack. Heat up a few boxfuls—regular and mini—and set them out (more ideas on that below). And Do you copy, Mike and Lucas?! Printable walkie-talkie art (see page 96) doubles as a wrapper for boxed water or juice. You can throw in straws for “antennas.” Drop some rubber rodents among the party foods and just hope their innards don’t explode mid-party.   RELATED: Decorating Tips for the Most Epic Stranger Things Halloween Party
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One Pot Wonders with MasterChef

MasterChef’s Cast Iron Pan Challenge asked the top eight contestants to conquer something moms have been mastering on a weekly basis—the art of the one-dish dinner.
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4 Delicious Sheet Pan Brownie Recipes 

In the time it takes to make a basic brownie, you could whip up one of these next-level bars (which your kids would call "extra"–and mean that as high praise).
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Summer Couscous Dishes

Keep your kitchen cool with fresh takes on a hot-weather staple: Couscous. It’s a totally twistable ingredient that cooks in under 10 minutes.