Costco just upped their sparkling water game.

By Georgia Slater
Photo via The Costco Connoiseur

The superstore recently added three flavors to their Kirkland Signature line of fizzy beverages, and the new cans are strikingly similar to the cult-favorite seltzer LaCroix in both look and price.

The line from Costco’s private label already consisted of flavors like black raspberry, orange mango and kiwi strawberry, but now you can find flavored cans of lemon, lime and grapefruit seltzers on shelves—the same combination of flavors Costco already sells for LaCroix.

As pointed out by the Instagram account the Costco Connoisseur, the Costco-brand seltzers cost 33% less than its rival. A 32-pack of the Kirkland Signature costs $7.49, while $7.99 at Costco will only get you 24 LaCroix cans.

The Costco Connoisseur noted that the lime and lemon Kirkland flavors taste “exactly the same” as LaCroix, while some true fans may notice a slight difference in the grapefruit variety.

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Multiple brands have been launching their response to the popular sparkling water, including PepsiCo, which released a line of sparkling water, bubly, with zero-calories, no artificial flavors and no sweeteners earlier this year.

This article originally appeared on People.