Low-Calorie Dessert Ideas

Indulge your sweet tooth (guilt free) with one of these low-calorie treats.

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1 cup mango chunks, 70 calories

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Yogurt Cup


Breyers YoCrunch Yogurt cup, 100 calories

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Milano Cookies


Pack of 2 Milano cookies, 100 calories

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Graham Snacks


25 pieces of Goldfish Grahams baked snacks, 70 calories

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Mini Rice Cakes


1 package Quaker Mini Delights, 90 calories

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1 Jell-O Sugar-Free Boston Cream Pie Pudding cup, 60 calories

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Fruit Bar


Edy's Tangerine Fruit Bar, 80 calories

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1/4 cup raisins, 125 calories

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Multi-Bran Muffin


VitaTops muffin, 100 calories

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Dried Apricot


5 pieces dried apricot, 100 calories

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Ciao Bella Blood Orange Sorbet single-serving cup, 105 calories

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100 Calorie Pack


Hostess 100-calorie pack

Originally published in the May and June 2009 issues of Family Circle magazine.

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