Team up with Share Our Strength's Great American Bake Sale for an opportunity to help end childhood hunger. Check out these resources and tips to get you started.

Get Organized

Visit for a Bake Sale Checklist (or look in your Participant's Kit), and keep these helpful tips in mind:

At Least One Month Ahead...

Assemble a team. Ask friends, family members, and local bakeries to work with you. Assign each person a task — soliciting and organizing donations, publicity, setup, selling, cleanup.

Find a venue. Choose a site where there's plenty of foot traffic, advises food journalist Jane Mengenhauser. "Piggyback on another event," she says. Call and ask to be included at school functions like PTA meetings and sports competitions or at churches, farmers' markets, libraries, or offices.

Four Weeks Ahead...

Launch media publicity. Download the Media Alert Template and the Radio PSA (for a public service announcement transcript) from the Resource Center on Fill them out and send to television stations and newspapers.

Two Weeks Ahead...

Finish getting the word out. Post fliers at the sale location and on neighborhood bulletin boards. You should even put your announcement on appropriate local blogs and social networking sites, says, Stacy Roth, coordinator of the Great American Bake Sale.

Day of Sale...

Arrive an hour ahead. Collect donated baked goods from volunteers. Price items and organize them according to type — breakfast treats, cakes, cookies, pies, etc. — and serving size.

Set up a beverage table. Coffee, tea, cocoa, milk, or warm apple cider pair perfectly with a slice of pie, a gooey brownie, or a stack of cookies.

Pack and Price

Interesting or brightly colored containers will attract buyers' eyes. A nice touch is to include a small index card with tips for freezing, says Mengenhauser. Don't forget to mention allergens like peanuts. And have a supply of shopping bags ready for to-go items.

Leave room on your table for the information sign from your Participant's Kit to inform customers as to the benefits of buying your baked goods and participating in the Great American Bake Sale.

Your goal is to raise money for a good cause, so most customers will be prepared to pay a premium. "Don't undervalue your products," says Roth. "Price competitively." Other suggestions:

  • Tease buyers with free bite-sized samples.
  • Price items in multiples of 25 cents, so making change will be easier for you.
  • Offer deals — one cookie for 50 cents or 3 for $1.25.
  • Cut up large items like cakes and pies. Package by the piece to yield better profits.

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