Taco Bell is testing one of its most unusual combinations yet—a Kit Kat quesadilla called Chocoladilla. This is happening.

By Nicole Papantoniou

First there was the Doritos Locos Taco, Taco Bell’s classic crunchy taco in a Doritos-flavored shell. Then there was the Naked Chicken Chalupa and the Naked Egg Taco. Now? It's all about the Kit-Kat Chocoladilla, the latest food mashup from the leading Mexican-inspired fast food chain.

The $1 dessert quesadilla is loaded with melted chocolate and Kit Kats. Some stores are even offering the Caramel Chocoladilla, featuring Twix. We’re intrigued by the sweet and savory combo, and are already craving something sweet to go with lunch. Since the Chocoladillas are being sold and tested in several Wisconsin locations through mid-November only, we'll have to settle for some creative copycat recipes we can make at home in a panini maker. The possibilities are endless—just think of all that extra Halloween candy. Snickers, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, oh, my! We don't know if they will become available a restaurant near you, but until then here are some of our favorite related recipes to satiate your sweet tooth: