He may seem tough on screen, but this family man has a soft spot for his wife's cooking and talented kid cooks.

By Suzanne Rust

Family Circle's Lifestyle Editor, Suzanne Rust, chatted recently with celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay. The MasterChef star—a father of four with a fifth on way—talked about his favorite weekend food, his new collaboration with Phlips Airfryer and what he's looking forward to in the next season of MasterChef.

Dinner, Ramsay-Style

"During the week the kids have busy schedules—homework, soccer, basketball and water polo—but the weekend is where it all happens big: shepherd's pies, pot pies and lots of traditional stuff. My wife, Tana, does an amazing roast chicken stuffed with cannellini beans and a spiced harissa sauce. Once it's cooked she'll scoop out the beans, mix them with a little vinaigrette, slice up the chicken and serve. It's comfort food, but with a great depth of flavor."

Philips Airfryer

"Life gets crazier and busier, but we need to stay healthy, and this little mechanism helps us stick to that, and I love that it's child-friendly—no naked flames or splattering oil. The kids can easily make things like roast vegetable and shrimp, but the biggest takeaway for me is seeing that any rendered fat stays in the tray, not in our bodies. The Airfryer is like having a little sous chef that doesn't talk back to me!"


"In season 7 [premiering June 1 on Fox] I'm looking forward to episodes with First Lady Michelle Obama—she's extraordinary—and Martha Stewart. This time around we take things to another level with chefs like Daniel Boulud, Wolfgang Puck and Aaron Sanchez. Plus the kids we have this round are outstanding. They came in making an egg yolk ravioli—to start out at that level is amazing."