Low-Calorie Snack Ideas

Check out these snack options — from the Family Circle 2009 Walking Challenge — that are all less than 150 calories.

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Apple and Peanut Butter


1/2 small apple with 2 teaspoons peanut butter, 90 calories

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Popcorn Clusters


1 package Smartfood Popcorn Clusters, 110 calories

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1/2 cup edamame, 167 calories

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Cottage Cheese and Blueberries


1/2 cup low-fat cottage cheese with 10 blueberries, 111 calories

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Bell Pepper and Hummus


1/2 red bell pepper with 3 tablespoons hummus, 88 calories

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8 ounces fat-free yogurt

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Pop Chips


1 ounce Pop Chips

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Fruit and String Cheese


1/2 ripe pear or 1 apple with 1/2 ounce Kraft low-fat string cheese

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Chips and Salsa


1/2 ounce baked tortilla chips with 1/2 cup salsa

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Crackers and Vegetable Juice


1 cup vegetable juice with Special K 90-calorie crackers
Originally published in the May and June 2009 issues of Family Circle magazine.

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