We scared up spooktacular pumpkin desserts and other sweet treats guaranteed to please a crowd.

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This Is Officially America's Least Favorite Halloween Candy

You either love it or absolutely despise it—there seems to be no in between, according to a new survey.
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Top Halloween Costumes for Women and Teen Girls

Halloween costumes for women and girls are so fun. From heroes like Captain Marvel and Shuri to queens like Elsa and Daenerys, girls can be anything they want to be—even characters from Fortnite. Check out our list of the most popular costumes.
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Best Halloween Costumes for Couples

Grab your spouse, partner, or BFF to pair up for these easy and fun Halloween costumes. And no need to coordinate with your other half—they are all sold as a package deal to make life a little easier. Happy Halloween!
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Build an Eggo Bar for Your "Stranger Things"–Themed Halloween Party

Ever since Eleven scarfed down Eggos in the woods (in between flexing her telekinetic skills), toaster waffles have been the Stranger Things signature snack. Heat up a few boxfuls—regular and mini—and set them out (more ideas on that below). And Do you copy, Mike and Lucas?! Printable walkie-talkie art (see page 96) doubles as a wrapper for boxed water or juice. You can throw in straws for “antennas.” Drop some rubber rodents among the party foods and just hope their innards don’t explode mid-party.   RELATED: Decorating Tips for the Most Epic Stranger Things Halloween Party
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Decorating Tips for the Most Epic "Stranger Things" Halloween Party

First your family binged. Now you'll party–with an Upside Down portal, '80s photo wall and (of course) Eggo buffet.
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Halloween Party Menus for Kids, Adults and the Entire Family

Planning a Halloween party is so NOT scary with these easy menus! We’ve got cute ideas for the kids, sophisticated treats for adults and a Mexican Day of the Dead feast for the entire family.
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