It's National Lobster Day. Celebrate with these quick and easy lobster recipes.

By Sarah Wharton

You know to look for berries in summer and root vegetables in the winter. But did you know that we're in the middle of lobster season? That's right. September 25 is National Lobster Day, and from June to November Maine is giving the rest of America the gift of New Shell lobsters.

What’s the fuss with New Shell lobsters? They are sweeter and more tender, because—duh—they’re living their best life in, essentially, seasoned water. As summer approaches, lobsters chillin’ off the coast of Maine start to shed their hard shells. These are known as…wait for it…Hard Shell lobsters. They have their charms: You get a great meaty texture from these guys and gals. But New Shells are easier to crack, and that thinner, roomier shell allows more salty seawater to penetrate and flavor the meat. It makes the lobster taste a bit more lobster-y. If you’re truly celebrating our national day, steam up a Hard and a New Shell and have your own side-by-side taste test. Once you choose a winner, try cooking up a batch of our quick and easy Lobster Over Linguine. While you're waiting for your water to boil, check out these fun facts about Maine lobsters:

  • Maine is responsible for more than 80 percent of lobster caught in the U.S.
  • Maine Lobsters are 100% hand-harvested from small day boats, one trap at a time.
  • The largest recorded Maine lobster was 27 pounds! 
  • In 2016, Maine lobstermen landed more than 130 million pounds of lobster.