Have a Better Day with These Tea Cures

These 4 new teas will help you conquer your day.


Steep tricks! Here are tea cures for nearly everything that could ruin your day.

Sleepy Mornings: David's Tea Live Wire Lemon (davids tea.com, $10.50) Hello, energy! This eye-opener mixes the caffeine-rich herb yaupon (from the holly family) and the lightness of lemon.

Upset Stomach: Yogi Cranberry Spice Probiotic Balance (amazon.com, $5) The blend of hibiscus, ginger, coriander and cumin in this tea cure supports gut health to overcome indigestion.

Sugar Cravings: The Republic of Tea Caramel Apple Red Tea (republicoftea.com, $10) Hold that slice of pie! With sweet caramel and crisp apple flavors, you won't miss dessert.

Difficulty Winding Down: Traditional Medicinals Stress Ease Cinnamon (traditional medicinals.com, $5) A relaxing herb called skullcap plus cinnamon and licorice make this bittersweet beverage feel like meditation in a mug.

Photo Credit: Leigh Beisch