Stepped-Up Snacks

Break out of your rut! You don’t have to give up your standbys (hello, yogurt, peanut butter and cereal)—just make them better.  

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Frozen Sunrise Pops

frozen sunrise pops on plate

Staple: Yogurt

Yeah, yeah: probiotics, protein, all good stuff. But is yogurt exciting? Not so much. Which is why you need to try these two twists. 

Tip: Other refreshing combos: kiwi-strawberry or orange-blueberry.

Makes 14
Prep 10 m
Freeze 150 m

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Sushi Bar Snack

sushi bar snack in bowl

Staple: Cereal 

A bowlful works for breakfast, snack time or even dinner. But instead of pouring milk, consider these addictive, savory and sweet treatments. 

Tip: Eat by the handful or sprinkle over a simple salad with carrot-ginger dressing.

Makes 6
Prep 5 m

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Banana-PB Roll-Ups

banana-pb roll-ups and ingredients

Staple: Peanut Butter

It’s filling, and kind of a perfect food. Instead of eating it straight out of the jar (gasp, who does that?!), try these roll and dip tweaks. 

Tip: Swap in almond or sunflower butter if that’s more your jam. 

Makes 1
Prep 5 m

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