As if you didn't already have 101 uses for your beloved Instant Pot, here's another for you that will have you cooking in your go-to machine even more.

By Sarah Wharton
Via video still by Carmen Rodriguez

It’s time to get cracking! Spring is here, and that means we’ll be boiling, dying and eating lots of eggs. But fear not! Family Circle Associate Food Editor Sarah Wharton has hacked the crack—and discovered the best way to “boil” batches of eggs, right in your beloved Instant Pot.

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This gentle and fast way of cooking eggs—steaming, really—has the added benefit of making the chore of removing the shells a lot easier. All you need are some silicone racks (Oxo, $11.99) and a few easy steps. The hardest part is waiting for the pot to come up to pressure! Check out our video below to see how it’s done, then make batches of our favorite deviled eggs and design gorgeous Easter eggs: