If you’re craving that juicy, restaurant burger you had last week but don’t want to pay the $15 tab, follow our easy steps.

By Julie Miltenberger
Photo by Jason Donnelly

Fat is where is at!

The secret to a juicy burger is to start with ground chuck (or 80/20 ground beef) or ground round (85/15 ground beef). Anything leaner will yield a dry patty.

Photo by Andy Lyons Cameraworks LTD

Season, then season again.

Before shaping patties, mix salt, pepper and your favorite fresh herb into the meat, being careful not to overmix. Then, season both sides of patties once you form them.

Shape patties the right way.

We think 6 oz of meat is ideal for each burger, so you’ll need to divide 1.5 pounds into 4 portions of meat. Flatten and shape each section to a 1-inch thickness then with your thumb, make an indent in the center of one side. This keeps the burgers from shrinking when they hit the grill.

Photo by Jason Donnelly

Tame the flame!

Whether you’re using charcoal or gas, set up two heat zones—one hot and one medium-hot. The hotter zone will be for starting the burger and getting nice grill marks. The medium-hot zone will be for finishing the burger and melting the cheese.


Cover the grill.

Once you add your perfectly shaped burgers to the grate, CLOSE. THE. LID. This helps regulate the grill temperature and cooks your burgers more evenly. General guideline for cooking times:

  • Medium-rare 7 min
  • Medium 8 min
  • Medium-well 9 min
  • Well done 10 min

We suggest adding cheese during last minute of cook time.

Nice buns!

You know your family’s preferences, but we think a brioche bun is the best partner to a juicy patty. Split them and toast the cut sides directly on the grill grate for 1 to 2 mins.

Now that you’ve got your perfect grilled burger and toasted brioche bun, you’re ready for some (or all!) the fixings. Just make sure you’ve got more than enough napkins on hand.