Work out more, eat healthier, stay more organized—we’ve all heard these New Year’s resolutions before, and while they’re certainly ambitious and respectable, they’re also a little boring and unoriginal, don’t you think? Spice up your 2019 resolutions with promises to build better beauty habits and glow on the inside and out. The best part? You’ll likely keep your beauty resolution, because who doesn’t want to indulge in self-care every Sunday?

By Daley Quinn

Change your showerhead.

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Having mineralized or chlorinated hard water in your shower can wreak havoc on your hair and skin, leaving a slimy coating and making it difficult to fully rinse off shampoo, conditioner, body wash or soap. Thankfully, there are shower heads you can install to make hard water more soft (like T3 Source Showerhead Shower Filter, $150, or The WaterChef SF-7C Premium Shower Filtration System, $70,, leaving your skin and hair feeling more hydrated and less damaged and dry.


Find your perfect natural deodorant.

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Now, I know finding a great natural deodorant can be tough—some feel slimy under your pits, others burn your underarms like crazy, and many leave you smelling stinky only a few hours later. Let 2019 be the year you find your holy grail natural deodorant, and don’t forget that finding the right one takes some trial and error. My favorite is the Kopari Coconut Deodorant, $14,, because it doesn’t burn my underarms and smells like the beach.


Lay off on the dry shampoo.

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It’s been debated in the haircare world whether washing your hair everyday is bad for your scalp, and while every head is different, I argue that replacing a rinse with layers of dry shampoo isn’t ideal. Dry shampoo is great to use in between washes for a day or two, but piling tapioca onto your scalp for five days straight without washing all the dirt, oils and everything else out is a recipe for product buildup, dermatitis, and even pimples. Don’t toss your dry shampoo out, just use it less in 2019.

Get facials regularly.

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After being in the beauty world for a couple of years, I’ve realized that there’s no special, wildly expensive serum or cream that will ever do the same kind of work that an esthetician will do for your skin during a facial. From deep cleansing, to massaging, to extractions, to major hydration, getting regular facials is important in maintaining a healthy glow. If you can swing it, I recommend making a monthly appointment, but if time and money are on your mind, getting facials quarterly should suffice.

Take your vitamins.

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Beauty literally comes from the inside out, and I’ve certainly learned that the hard way (bye, bye dairy and coffee). Unhealthy eating habits will result in unhealthy-looking skin, and taking your vitamins daily will truly work wonders in keeping your skin fresh and your hair shiny. Try the uber-personalized vitamin brands, like Care/of Vitamins, $20 per month,, or Ritual Vitamins, $30 per month,

Move beyond the sheet mask on self-care Sunday.

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Get a bit more original on Sunday by swapping your weekly sheet mask for another beauty indulgence. Whether it’s teeth-whitening strips (like Crest 3D White Professional Effects Whitestrips, $40,, a body mask (like Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bod Buff, $25, or a hydrating hair mask (like Klorane Nourishing Mask with Mango Butter, $26,, it’s time to show other body parts some love, too.