6 New Fragrances That Rocked Our World

Take our quiz to find your perfect match.

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Of the Essence

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Calling all key note seekers: This season’s new fragrances really have something to spray! 

We've come up with six questions to help you find the one that's just right for you. 

Click through for our curated collection, and treat yourself to the spritz that best suits your senses.

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Do you like the smell of spicy incense?


Then you’ll love notes of jasmine and myrrh. 

Isabel Isabel by Isabel Toledo, lanebryant.com, $52.50


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Do you like the smell of a bouquet of flowers?


Then you’ll love peony and freesia extracts. 

Missoni Eau de Toilette, bloomingdales.com, $94

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Do you like the smell of Jack Daniel's?


Then you'll love a whiskey base. 

Korres 20 Year Fragrance, korresusa.com, $52

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Do you like the smell of homemade cookies?


Then you'll love a vanilla-based scent.

DKNY Be Tempted, macys.com, $90

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Do you like the smell of a wood-burning fire?


Then you'll love a perfume that includes cedar heart and mahogany.

B. Balenciaga Intense, balenciaga.com, $110


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Do you like the smell of men's cologne?

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Then you'll love one with mandarin and sandalwood.

Jo Malone London Orange Bitters Cologne, jomalone.com, $135

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How to Select, Store and Spritz Like a Pro

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Top tips from Caroline Ivanica, perfumer at Drom Fragrances: 

  • Oily skin retains fragrance well. If your skin tends to be dry, swipe on unscented lotion first.
  • Keep bottles away from heat and light. For added shelf life, store in the fridge. 
  • Go beyond your pulse points. Apply to unexpectedly warm areas like the crook of your arm and behind your knees.
  • Take a 20-minute break when shopping and testing new scents. Perfume needs time to fully develop.

Pick your perfume based on its potency. Higher strength equals serious staying power.

  • Parfum ($$$) 12% to 20% concentration of fragrance oil
  • Toilette ($$) 8% to 12% concentration of fragrance oil
  • Cologne ($) 3% to 5% concentration of fragrance oil