Is flaunting body hair too extreme or reflecting a new beauty standard?  

Like it or not, a new movement has hit our feeds recently: ads showcasing body hair. Brands are using the all-natural look to make a bold statement about beauty standards and shining a light on women’s personal preference to shave, or not.

Billie, a razor brand with a subscription-based business model, has gone pretty bold with their marketing strategy. Part of what draws attention is the irony that a razor company would promote naturally hairy women. Launched in 2017, the straight-to-consumer start-up has disrupted the market and has earned $35 million in private capital investment, according to Fortune. “Shaving is a choice, not an expectation,” co-founder Georgina Gooley told Glamour.

The user reaction has been primarily positive. “This is so hot,” wrote one follower on Instagram. While some celebrate the trend, some prefer the hairless aesthetic to stay. Another new razor brand company Flamingo, which launched in 2018, has taken note to the body hair positivity trend. One of their recent marketing images showcases unshaved belly hair. Hey, we all have it, right?

Most surprising is a major brand like Nike tapping into the niche market. The company recently revealed a sports bra ad with a woman modeling hairy armpits. The comments thread on their Instagram proves just how divisive the topic is. “As much as I like people looking natural, body hair on women isn't attractive, especially in the pits,” shared one user. While someone else commented that the photo was “filthy and disgusting.”

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