Perfect Scents: Best New Perfume

Fragrances that had us hooked after just one spritz.

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Mark Celebrate


Fresh citrus notes lift your spirits—an instant energy boost before any special gathering.

Available at, $25

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Love Express


Express makes its first foray into fragrance, the sensory equivalent of their chic, feminine fashion.

Available at, $45

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Bath & Body Works Secret Wonderland


The ripe mix of berries and peach is fun and fruity, with coconut adding a tropical twist.

Available at, $29.50

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Mary Kay Thinking of You


It starts off sweet then settles softly with hints of patchouli and musk.

Available at, $30

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Tocca Colette


A perfect balance between romantic and seductive—a hint of vanilla mellows the crisp mandarin. But we'd buy it for the vintage-style bottle alone.

Available at Sephora, $68

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Victoria's Secret Bombshell


Take a world tour! Bombshell combines Tuscan grapes, Chinese yellow peonies, and Brazilian purple passion fruit.

Available at, $45

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Beyonce Heat Ultimate Elixir


Just like the star's sweet yet fierce personality, this fragrance has a little bit of spice with a floral flair.

Available at Macy's stores, $59

Originally published in the November 2010 issue of Family Circle magazine.

This piece was accurate at publication time, but all prices, offerings, and styles are subject to change.