Best Bath Products Under $10

Our beauty editors share their top picks for inexpensive body wash, soap, bath salts and other bath and shower products.

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Suave Naturals Everlasting Sunshine Body Wash


Showering with Suave Naturals Everlasting Sunshine Body Wash is a fragrant reminder of spring, no matter what the season.

Available at drugstores, $2

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Vichy Thermal Spa Water


A spritz or two sets your makeup for hours.

Available at drugstores, $8.50

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St. Ives Naturally Clear Green Tea Body Scrub


In hot weather, count on it to help fend off breakouts. The 2% salicylic acid exfoliates and the natural tea extracts soothe.

Available at drugstores, $6

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Mor Cosmetics Soapette in Lychee Flower


Housed in gorgeous vintage-style tin, it makes the perfect hostess gift—both decorative and practical.

Available at, $9

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Suave Naturals Creamy Apricot & Orange Blossom Body Wash


Keeps skin feeling ultra smooth—and the sweet fragrance is an instant energizer.

Available at drugstores, $2

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Aubrey Organics Creme de la Shave in Raspberry Honey


It has a fruity, long-lasting scent that'll sweeten you up for the day ahead.

Available at, $5.50

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Joyful Bath Co. Relaxing Bath Salts


These bath salts make time spent sitting in the tub that much more, well, joyful.

Available at, $5/each

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Dr. Teal's Vapor Bath in Chamomile


When you're in need of a seriously soothing soak, add just a drop or two to a bath to erase a stressful day.

Available at drugstores, $5

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Urban Rituelle Creamy Vegetable Soap


Keep a few bars of Urban Rituelle Creamy Vegetable Soap handy—luxe packaging makes this a great last-minute hostess gift.

Available at, $9

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Queen of...Ooh La La! Shaving Gel


This shaving gel leaves legs soft and tingly, courtesy of pure aloe vera (usually found only in pricier products).

Available at drugstores, $4

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Calgon Bubbly Bath Fizzy Set


Take a long soak to soothe away angst. Calgon Bubbly Bath Fizzy Set has four fizzies plus a natural sea sponge for extra exfoliation.

Available at, $2.99

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Veet Suprem'Essence Hair Removal Gel Cream


Avoid razor mishaps by using Veet Suprem'Essence Hair Removal Gel Cream. Smooth legs, no nicks.

Available at drugstores, $5

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Tree Hut Shea Sugar Body Scrub in Tahitian Grass


Exfoliating with this body scrub will magically transport you to a tropical island—for 10 minutes, anyway.

Available at Walmart, $8

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Yardley Natural Soap in Honeysuckle Citrus


Let's give a hand to whoever came up with Yardley Natural Soap in Honeysuckle Citrus—the smell is irresistible.

Available at drugstores, $2.50

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Burt's Bees Natural Toothpaste


This toothpaste is way refreshing, but the hidden bonus is that it gets teeth whiter too.

Available at drugstores, $5

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Satin Care In-Shower Moisturizer


Slathering on a dollop of this right after shaving leaves skin so smooth that you can happily skip lotion.

Available at drugstores, $4.50

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Caress Whipped Souffle Body Wash in White Peach Cream


The word decadent doesn't do justice to this body wash. It has a sweet scent and silky texture.

Available at drugstores, $4.50

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Wembe Green Blue River Exfoliating Blend


This beauty twofer has a smooth side that cleanses and a gritty edge that exfoliates.

Available at drugstores, $9.50

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ME! Bath Ice Cream Effervescent Bath Soak


When the fizzing stops, this bath soak smells like birthday cake—who wouldn't like that?

Available at, $8.50

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SoftSoap Nutri Serums Body Nourishing Wash


The cool thing about SoftSoap Nutri Serums Body Nourishing Wash is the little moisturizer-filled pearls that burst open on contact with skin.

Available at drugstores, $4.50

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Thymes Eucalyptus Bath Salts


When there's no time to soak in these bath salts, sprinkle some on the shower floor for a quick pick-me-up.

Available at, $5

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Depth Shave Cream in Mangrove Citrus


The aloe vera and sea botanicals in this shaving cream are reminiscent of the beach.

Available at Whole Foods, $7

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Upper Canada Soap Naturally Hydrating Shower Gel in Pressed Olive Avocado


This shower gel does wonders for dry, weather-weary skin.

Available at, $8

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Kings & Queens Nefertiti Honey Soap


The royal name—and cute packaging—might lure you in, but Kings & Queens Nefertiti Honey Soap delivers.

Available at, $6

This piece was accurate at publication time, but all prices, offerings and styles are subject to change.

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