Today’s self-tanners and bronzers have formulas that leave your skin glowing. Check out our tips and products to help you get radiant skin.

By Melissa Matthews

This is a time of year to sport sun-kissed skin. However, sun exposure is harmful for so many reasons. Luckily, you no longer need to be exposed to harmful rays to gain some sparkle. The self-tanners and bronzers of today have excellent formulas that leave your skin glowing. We have gathered some great tips and products to help you get the radiant skin you deserve.

Self-Tanning for Beginners:

Now that you have decided to use a self-tanner, make sure you also have the time to apply it. Most applications can take up to one hour to complete. This is a process you never want to rush. Being careless will only lead to streaks and an unpleasant tanning experience. You also want to take your time and provide yourself with an even tan. It is best to choose a tanner that will take your original skin tone one to two shades darker.

It is extremely important to exfoliate your entire face/body before applying any product. Self-tanners hold onto surface skin, so exfoliating is important in removing dirt as well as dead surface skin cells. If you don’t happen to have a body scrub, you can whip up your own recipe. Simply take a few packets of raw sugar, add a couple of drops of olive oil and very gently rub it over your entire face and body. Be cautious of your sensitive skin areas. Rinse and shower as you normally would and your skin will be ready to go.

As you apply your self-tanner work in sections. Never move on until you are sure you have covered evenly. This will help prevent lines on your skin. Remember to use plastic gloves to avoid coloring the palms of your hands. If you do happen to get the tanner on your hands and want to prevent a stain simply wash them with hand soap and water.

Remember that everybody’s skin is different. The results you see may differ from your friends. Your sunless tanner will fade after a few days. You can reapply as long as you exfoliate first. Be careful, overloading on layers will lead to an orange look. Over time you will become a pro-tanner and will find your perfect shade.

Here are some of the industries latest self-tanners that are simple to use and prove to have great results:

  • Lancôme Flash Bronzer Airbrush Multi-Angle Self-Tanning Spray Even & All-Over Glow for Body, $28.00 available at Lancôme counters in department and specialty stores nationwide and online at
  • L’Oréal Sublime Bronze Any Angle Self-Tanning Spray, $9.99 available in chain drug, food and mass-market retailers nationwide.
  • Fake Bake Xtreme Self-Tanning Gel, $26.99 available at fine salons and Sephora or you can visit
  • Almay Glow Healthy Self-Tanning Lotion for Face, $11.00 available at drug stores nationwide.
  • Neutrogena Instant Bronze Sunless Tanner and Bronzer for the Face, $10.00 available in drug stores nationwide.



More Options for Glowing Skin

The use of bronzers on your face and décolletage are an excellent way to shine this season. You can select from a wide selection at any drug store. Choose a bronzer shade that will highlight your skin tone.

New to the market are moisturizers that enhance your skin tone and color as well. Try substituting your daily body lotion with Olay Quench Radiance Reviver Body Lotion, $6.99 available in drug stores nationwide, or Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer, $6.00 available at drug stores nationwide.