You—yes, you—finally have your very own emojis.

By Dori Katz

You—yes, you—finally have your very own emojis. Thanks to Dove Hair, a keyboard filled with curly-haired emojis in a variety of skin and hair colors is officially available today (check the App Store and Google Play).

According to a study commissioned by Dove, more than two-thirds of women and girls said, “Emojis let me express what I say better than words,” but the only hairstyle shown was smooth and straight. Now curly-, wavy- and kinky-haired women can truly express themselves as themselves, not some flat-ironed version.

And those of you who like to change your look can change your emoji to match. Show off that day’s hairstyle in your texts and social media posts. The sky's the limit!

Good hair days are officially here—for you and your smartphone.