The Will & Grace star gets real about getting a little help from the doctor to stay red-carpet ready and more.

By Dori Price

You may know actress Debra Messing as the neurotic interior designer Grace Adler from the hit NBC show "Will & Grace," but in real life she’s a lot calmer and deeper. She’s got a lot going on—she is a single mom to Roman, 13, and is back on television with the return of the show on Dec. 5. We chatted with her recently about staying fit and beauty tips, including how she maintains her signature red hair.

Q: How do you keep your skin healthy and glowing?

I consider what I put in my body my beauty routine. I’ve become really stringent with my diet and have seen major changes in my skin, hair and energy level. In terms of diet, I have at least one cup of bone broth and green juice a day, eat lots of veggies, grains and fruit and avoid coffee, sugar, gluten and anything fried and processed.

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Q: What is your beauty routine like when you aren’t working or filming?

I have super sensitive skin so I try to take a break on non-filming days and don’t wear makeup. Cleansing and applying sunscreen are my two non-negotiable skincare steps that I do every day, regardless of where I am and what I’m doing.

Q: If you were stuck on a desert island, what would be the one beauty product you would bring?

Definitely Aquaphor. You can literally use it everywhere—lips, cuticles, undereyes, dry patches, etc. When I became a mom, Aquaphor became my go-to, for me and my son.

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Q: What are the best beauty tips you’ve learned sitting in the chairs of the best hairstylists and makeup artists?

I now always use a microfiber towel, like Aquis, after I get out of the shower. I’ll wrap my hair in it, get ready and a half hour later my hair is 85% dry, cutting my time blow-drying down a lot. Plus, it’s way less heat damage on my hair. I also have learned the importance of keeping my brows groomed and polished. After many years super thick brows, I finally discovered a tweezer in my 20s and haven’t looked back since. Eyebrows can completely change your face, so it’s important to maintain them constantly.

Q: What are your thoughts on injectables and in-office skincare treatments?

I think women should do whatever makes them feel the most confident. I had noticed some ads around NYC about CoolSculpting and was intrigued by seeing the words “no down time.” I am a busy single mom of a tween boy and don’t have any interest in surgery, or multiple hours a day at the gym to get perfectly toned. When CoolSculpting reached out, I jumped at the opportunity to partner with them. I think it is such an amazing treatment—the technology in unbelievable and it truly minimizes problem areas on your body. All the moms out there, you know what bulge I’m talking about. When I did CoolSculpting, it was super cold at first but you get numb and then don’t feel anything—I feel asleep! After about an hour, it was done and I got dressed and went back to work. I had no pain or bruising and the results have been great. I noticed a difference after about a month and a half; my clothes fit better, I don’t have to wear shapewear EVERY DAY and I have a new level of confidence in my body.

Q: How does your beauty look differ from Grace’s? 

I am a lot more adventurous than Grace. I love to sit in a makeup chair and give the makeup artist free reign to do that they want. I know I will always learn something!

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