Five Questions With Busy Philipps

We chatted with actress Busy Philipps about mom life, beauty and workout routines, and how she gets her kids to eat vegetables.

Busy Philipps

We sat down with the super funny—and super real!—actress Busy Philipps and picked her brain about being a “modern mom,” her favorite beauty products and sneaky hacks to get her daughters to eat healthier.

Q: What is your definition of a modern mom?
BP: I don’t think there should be a definition of a “modern mom.” The idea means different things to different women and between being wives, moms and career women, we are constantly redefining it. There is no such thing as picture perfect parenting!

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Q: We know you are super busy (truth: we follow you on Instagram and love your super honest posts!) Any tips for how to juggle all of your many roles? 
​BP: It can be really difficult and we (modern moms) need to be honest about that. I’m partnering with LG for a campaign (Real #Momlife) about their awesome SideKick washing machine—I’m a big proponent of using technology to make life easier. This machine definitely does that; I can throw a quick small load in the bottom part, while my kids clothes are being washed in the main dryer! Plus, the brand’s philosophy aligns perfectly with mine: life isn’t perfect but life is good.

Q: What is your daily beauty routine? And your one “desert island product”?
BP: I’ve been very into skincare since I was a kid; I am pretty religious with my routine with use sunscreen daily. I wear very little makeup in my day-to-day life which definitely makes getting ready easier. But I always curl my eyelashes. In terms of desert island products, I have three: YSL mascaraShu Uemura eyelash curler and the IT Cosmetics compact with sunscreen (a true multi-tasker)!

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Q: You are clearly a #fitmom. What is your diet and exercise routine like?
BP: I am way better about exercise than I am about my diet. With working out, I can be consistent—I drop my kids off at the bus stop or school and go straight to my workout. My diet is trickier since I am a girl who loves food. I try to eat pretty healthy and clean during the week and make dinners that are both kid and adult friendly, like a turkey marinara sauce. I’ll give it to my daughters with spaghetti and eat the sauce over greens or zucchini noodles. I’m a huge fan of spiralizing veggies!

Q: What are some of your tricks for getting your kids to eat healthy?
BP: My girls love tomato sauce, so I’ve learned to sneak some veggies into it. I’ll steam and puree broccoli and cauliflower and mix it into sauce. I also try to only buy seasonal fruits and veggies because they taste much better, so my kids will actually want to eat them. It’s pretty easy to figure out which ones are in season and locally sourced, whether you are shopping at a grocery store or farmers market.

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Bonus Q: You have two adorable daughters. What beauty advice do you want to pass onto them?  
BP: Wear sunscreen! Exercise is important for both and body and our brains. And of course, take a bath every night.

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