20 Hot Summer Hairstyles

Summer Hairstyles: Braids, Waves, Updos, and More

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Braids of Glory


To get Amanda Seyfried's sexy, of-the-moment braid, your hair should have lots of body before you start, says Riccardo Maggiore, owner of Riccardo Maggiore Salon in New York. Use plenty of mousse throughout (we like Garnier Fructis Style Volume Inject Mousse, $4) and a root lifter at the scalp for ultimate volume. If your hair is fine, you may even want to set it with Velcro rollers before you begin, he suggests.

How to do it: Make a deep side part. Pro tip: If you normally wear your hair to the left, switch to the right, and vice versa. Styling your hair in the opposite direction of what it's used to will give a bit of natural lift at the root, says Maggiore. Gather hair at the base of the neck and make a loose braid. Use an elastic the same color as your hair for a softer look. Then, with fingers, tug and separate the braid all over so it becomes messy and uneven—this final part is the key to the updated 'do.

Garnier Fructis Style Volume Inject Mousse available at drugstores.

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How To Do A Messy Braid

How to Do a Messy Braid

If you can do a basic braid, you can get this chic and casual look. (From our partners at DivineCaroline.com)



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The Sleek Fishtail


A braid like Dianna Agron's is the perfect way to stay—and look—cool on hot summer days. Keep it sleek and polished to go seamlessly from poolside to nighttime party.

How to do it: Blow-dry hair using fingers until it's three-quarters of the way dry, then work in mousse from root to end. Try TRESemmé Naturals Lightweight mousse, $4.50. Use a paddle brush to finish blow-drying and smoothing strands. Make a deep side part and swoop the rest of your hair over to the opposite side, slightly behind your ear. "If you're doing it yourself, you may want to secure into a low pony to hold in place, then undo at the end," says NYC stylist Jay Palaniuk. To start the fishtail braid, divide hair into two sections. Work your way down by taking a thin piece from the outside right section and joining it with the left. Next do the reverse: take a thin piece of hair from the left section and join it with the right. Continue until you have about 1 inch left at the end. Secure with an elastic—preferably one that's the same color as your hair—and smooth on an anti-frizz product, like Smart Girls Who Surf Care For Hair Sun Protector, $13. It helps to control flyaways and also contains SPF.


TRESemme; Naturals Lightweight mousse available at drugstores; Smart Girls Who Surf Care For Hair Sun Protector available at www.smartgirlswhosurf.com.</i&gt;

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How To Fishtail Braid

How to Fishtail Braid

Though it may look complicated, a fishtail braid is easy to do. (From our partners at DivineCaroline.com) 

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Braided Beauty


This sweet, sexy style is perfect for medium-length, layered hair, says celebrity stylist Frankie Foye. Bonus: It'll keep you cool and looking hot as Victoria's Secret super model, Alessandra Ambrosio does here.

How to do it: Work mousse into damp hair and blow-dry smooth. With a medium-barrel iron, curl small sections all over, then break them apart with fingers to create a wavy, imperfect texture. Use a fine-tooth comb to tease at roots then smooth over&mdash;once again, use only your fingers. Leaving a middle part, scoop hair to one side and french braid, but be careful not to make it too tight. Face-framing pieces should fall out naturally. Secure with a small elastic, then gently pull parts of the plait to loosen it a bit more. For a more polished look, wrap a tiny piece of hair around the band to hide from sight. Finish with a shine serum like Victoria's Secret So Sexy Style Brilliant and Glossy Shine Mist, $14.

Victoria's Secret So Sexy Style Brilliant and Glossy Shine Mist available at www.victoriassecret.com.


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Pretty Casual


Courteney Cox is the face of summer in this effortless 'do. It takes just minutes to get&mdash;no sweat! 

How to do it: Perfect for mid-length and layered hair, this style practically comes together on its own. Tease hair at roots and apply a balm, like Garnier Fructis Style Texture Paste, $4, throughout to get the texture it needs for that effortless, just-threw-my-hair-back look, says Maggiore. With fingers, pull hair into a ponytail and secure with elastic. Let shorter, face-framing strands fall out naturally. (Don't worry if you don't have any shorter pieces, you can still sport this look.) Tease and spray pony to add a bit of bounce.

Garnier Fructis Style Texture Paste available at drugstores. 


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How To Do A Sleek Pony Tail

How to do a Sleek Ponytail

Look cool this summer with this stylish pony tail. (From our partners at DivineCaroline.com)

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Do the Twist


Hot summer days call for Sandra Bullock's cool, no-fuss style.

How to do it: Apply mousse to damp hair and blow-dry. Create volume by using a medium-barrel curling iron just at roots to get lift. Use a light spray, like Garnier Fructis Style Flexible Control Anti-Humidity Hairspray, $6, to hold. Divide hair into two horizontal sections. Clip the top half&mdash;from about 3 inches above ears to forehead&mdash;out of the way. Twist the bottom part into a high knot just under crown. Wrap the first section around the knot you've just created, leaving ends sticking out, and secure with bobby pins. Pro Tip: Mist a large blush brush with a finishing spray and smooth hairline, advises Frankie. 

Garnier Fructis Style Flexible Control Anti-Humidity Hairspray available at drugstores.

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How To Get the Perfect Top Knot

How to Get the Perfect Topknot

You can master this simple technique for creating a messy top knot in just minutes.

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Smooth Move


Lauren Conrad's iconic braid is a great choice for all hair lengths&mdash;not to mention super easy to recreate. Keep it loose for a sexy, young look, says Frankie. 

How to do it: Start by applying a smoothing lotion, like Dove Frizz Control Therapy Taming Cream, $4, to damp hair and then blow-drying with a large round brush. Once hair is completely dry, run a styling cream through to separate strands creating a piece-y texture. Make a deep side part and start a braid about 5 inches away from it. Secure plait to the back of head with two small bobby pins. Apply a texturizing balm and a bit of finishing spray to ends of rest of hair and break apart using fingers. Try Garnier Fructis Style Survivor Rough It Up Putty, $5.

Dove Frizz Control Therapy Taming Cream and Garnier Fructis Style Survivor Rough It Up Putty available at drugstores.

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How To Braid Your Bangs

How to Braid Your Bangs

This simple technique keeps bangs beautifully out of your face. (From our partners at DivineCaroline.com)

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Blow Out Your Hair Perfectly

The Perfect Blow Out for Your Hair

Watch our video to learn how you can blow out your hair perfectly.

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Heat Waves


Elizabeth Gillies' long, loose waves are equal parts sexy and casual&mdash;a perfect mix for summer. 

How to do it: Wash hair and let air-dry or try this look on a day-old blowout. Divide hair into a few large sections and use your biggest curling iron on each. "The key is to make sure you get waves, not curls," advises Maggiore. "Otherwise it can look old-fashioned." To do this, hold the iron vertically and wrap sections down the barrel&mdash;starting at mid-shaft and working your way down to the bottom. Do not clamp hair in. Using a texturizing balm or wax, work your fingers through to separate strands. The more you touch the hair, the less curly it becomes, says Maggiore. It makes the look more laidback.   


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Perfect Waves

How to Get Perfect Wavy Hair

Watch our video to learn how to create perfect waves in just a few simple steps.

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Half and Half


Even a simple half-up, half-down style can turn heads&mdash;after all, Beyonce's did here. "Be sure to start with freshly blow-dried hair," says Maggiore. "You might even want to set it in large Velcro rollers to smooth frizz and give the ends some bounce."

How to do it: Gather hair just behind the ear and pull together into a pony at the mid to top of your head. Make your pony <i>literally </i>stand out by using an extra-long elastic. Wrap it around hair so that it's about an inch long. This acts as a support system and allows hair to curve up. Finish with a shine serum to smooth down any flyaways. We like John Frieda Frizz-Ease 100% Shine Glossing Mist, $5.50.

John Frieda Frizz-Ease 100% Shine Glossing Mist, available at drugstores.


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Sweet and Straight


Who says chic has to be complicated? Get Lily Collins' gorgeous 'do in minutes.

How to do it: Keeping the look soft and loose is important. Start by working a lightweight mousse, like TRESemm&eacute; Naturals Lightweight Mousse, $4.50, from roots to ends and, using only your fingers, blow-dry away from face. This will help create texture. Once hair is 90 percent dry, take a round, medium-size boar bristle brush and lightly smooth out hair from mid-shaft to ends while drying. This will create a little more bend and movement. "Be careful when sectioning off the top half," advises Palaniuk. "Pulling back too much or too little hair will completely change the feel of this style." A good trick is to use your thumbs to sweep hair back starting just above your eyebrows. Use a thin piece of hair from the pony to circle around the elastic, keeping it out of sight. 

TRESemme; Naturals Lightweight Mousse available at drugstores.

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Mane Event


Humid summer days ain't got nothin' on Daniela Ruah's bouncy curls. With these simple steps, you can tame your tresses, too.

How to do it: Start by applying a generous amount of curl-defining mousse from roots to ends for the maximum amount of volume and curly texture. If you have naturally curly hair, use the diffuser attachment on your blow dryer to dry hair. If you don't, fake it with this technique. Using a 2- or 3-inch round nylon-boar bristle brush, roll sections of hair from underneath and pull out in 90-degree angles away from head and blow-dryer. Be sure to follow through to ends for a shiny finish, advises NYC stylist Jeanie Syfu. Once hair is dry, mist with a curl-activating spray and define a few curls with a 1.5-inch iron, as needed. For maximum body, clamp at mid-shaft&mdash;not roots&mdash;and wrap down to base. Fasten hair with a pincurl clip. Do this all over. Once hair is cool, release clips and finger-comb. For even more lift, use a teasing brush to go over roots, making sure not to disturb curls. Finish with a holding spray. We like Pantene Medium-Thick Anti Humidity Hairspray, $4.

Pantene Medium-Thick Anti Humidity Hairspray available at drugstores.


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Low Pony, High Volume


By adding just a bit of volume up top, Katrina Bowden's low pony goes from everyday to glam.

How to do it: To get the look, start with hair that's damp, not soaking wet, says Palaniuk. Use a root lifter at scalp and work mousse, like John Frieda Luxurious Volume Bountiful Mousse, $6.50, from mid-shaft to ends&mdash;the combination will help achieve the volume needed for the look. Using a paddle brush, blow-dry hair up and away from face until completely dry. If you have bangs, section them off and smooth with a round brush. To get the signature volume here, divide hair into 1-inch horizontal sections&mdash;from ear to ear&mdash;and lightly tease, one at a time, with a fine-tooth comb. Pull hair into a low pony, lightly smoothing over top pieces with fingers or small comb. Finish with a combo of hairspray and light teasing in the pony to give it that last bit of oomph!

John Frieda Luxurious Volume Bountiful Mousse available at drugstores.

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Braided with a Twist


Emilia Fox gives her braid a facelift with a simple twist and a fun accessory. Get the same look in minutes with these simple steps.

How to do it: Start by working mousse through damp hair and then blow-dry using only your fingers. This will help create allover texture and volume. Next, find your natural side part and loosely twist a 3-inch front section of hair back and to the opposite side. Secure with bobby pins. "Remember, this style isn't about perfection, so don't overthink it," says Syfu. "You can even customize your look according to your hair length and thickness by twisting back several random sections." Bring the rest of hair over to the side of part and create a braid starting just behind the ear. Fasten with a fun-colored elastic or accessory. Use a light finishing spray like Dove Flexible Hold Hairspray with Natural Movement, $3, to hold the look.

Dove Flexible Hold Hairspray with Natural Movement available at drugstores.

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Pony Express


With a few expert tips, you can get Anna Kendrick's grown-up pony&mdash;a real showstopper.

How to do it: Apply a spray gel along hairline and use a flat nylon-boar bristle brush to blow-dry hair away from face. Be sure to keep the nozzle attached to blow-dryer to get the smooth finish. Mist your brush with a light styling spray&mdash;we like TRESemm&eacute; No-Frizz Shine Spray, $4.50&mdash;and brush hair back into a pony. Keep your head forward and straight for a tighter, cleaner-looking pony, says Syfu. When your head is tilted down it stretches the nape area causing hair to loosen. Secure with a bungee elastic&mdash;the kind that has hooks on both ends. (Try Metagrip Ponytail Hooks, $3.50, from sallybeauty.com.) Smooth out uneven areas with a fine-tooth comb, paying special attention to baby hairs. Use a thin strand from pony to cover elastic. Pro tip: For maximum control, curl this section with a small iron before wrapping. Finish with a holding spray. 

TRESemme; No-Frizz Shine Spray available at drugstores.


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The Low Down


If you like to rock a low, side pony but want an upgrade, try Olivia Munn's look. "Yes, it's perfect for the red carpet but can work just as well at your neighborhood block party," says Palaniuk.

How to do it: Work a volumizing mousse, like TRESemm&eacute; 24 Hour Body Foaming Mousse, $4.50, through damp hair then use a paddle brush to dry hair and smooth out frizz. To get her soft front curl, divide hair diagonally on either side of the middle part (your hair should look like an upside-down letter "y") and curl each side with a 1.5-inch iron away from face. Set these two pieces aside and curl the rest of your hair also away from your face but starting from mid-shaft down. Next, to create volume, tease hair at root in 1-inch horizontal sections&mdash;from middle part to hairline on each side. Leaving two front sections aside, gather hair into a low, side pony, secure and then separate into two sections. Lightly backcomb each. Wrap first one loosely around elastic, randomly twisting and pinning with bobby pins as you go. Repeat with the second in the opposite direction. To finish, smooth front pieces back and pin into bun to create a polished finish. 

TRESemme; 24 Hour Body Foaming Mousse available at drugstores.



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How To Do A Low Messy Side Bun

Low Messy Side Bun

Learn how to easily create a messy low bun. (From our partners at DivineCaroline.com)

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Romantic and Tousled


This chic 'do is easily translated into a laidback look. Get Kate Hudson's style with a few simple-to-do braids. 

How to do it: Start with a root amplifier to give hair a lift. We like TRESemm&eacute; 24 Hour Body Root Boosting Spray, $4.50. Blow-dry strands with fingers to create texture until it's 90 percent dry. Apply mousse all over, then comb out a 1-inch horizontal section of the front of hair and use to create five braids going along the hairline. Blow-dry plaits until completely dry, then pin out of the way. Make sure remaining hair is also dry and tease in 1-inch sections to create lift and volume. Release the braids and use your fingers to rake them back over the rest of hair. Create a loose low ponytail at mid-back of head. Be careful not to make it too tight or you'll lose the volume and texture, says NYC stylist Jay Polaniuk. Wrap a thin piece of hair over elastic to keep it hidden. Scrunch and pin ends with a combination of hairpins and bobby pins to get the rough-looking feel of this 'do. Finish with a medium-hold spray like TRESemm&eacute; Naturals Finishing Spray, $4.50.

TRESemme; 24 Hour Body Root Boosting Spray and TRESemme; Naturals Finishing Spray available at drugstores.

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Do the Wave


Nothing says summer like Miley Cyrus' beachy waves. Tousled and chic, this is a great go-to daytime look.

How to do it: Work thickening lotion through damp hair then blow-dry with a round brush, twisting sections as you go. Softly scrunch a holding spray into hair&mdash;try John Frieda Luxurious Volume All-Out Hold Hair Spray, $6.50. Curl a few sections throughout with a medium-barrel iron for added definition. (Don't worry about placement of the curls&mdash;this style is supposed to look haphazard.) Once cool, use fingers to break them up. For a little more volume and texture, spray roots with a combo of hair spray and dry shampoo&mdash;a spritz or two of each&mdash;before running fingers through hair, says Frankie. Straighten a few strands by dabbing your fingers in water and tugging on random pieces to give the look its "undone" feel. Finish by finger-combing through one last time to separate and fluff hair.

John Frieda Luxurious Volume All-Out Hold Hair Spray available at drugstores.


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Sweet and Low


Don't be intimidated by this style. You can bring red-carpet glam to your next barbecue with Amy Smart's easy-to-get look.

How to do it: Work a sculpting gel through towel-dried hair and blow-dry. Apply a light styling cream and, using a medium curling iron, create waves from mid-shaft to ends. Part hair slightly to the side, twist hair into a low, messy bun, and secure with hairpins. "It's okay if they show," says Frankie. "This style is not supposed to look perfect." To add a special touch, before tying up hair, make a thin, loose braid, starting a few inches down from your part, and tuck into bun. Finish with a shine product on top&mdash;try Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Nutrient Spray, $6&mdash;and smooth with fingers.

Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Nutrient Spray available at drugstores.

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Vintage Glam


This style is super-easy for curly-haired ladies like Taylor Swift. Have straight hair? No worries. You can still get this look with Maggiore's tips.

How to do it: If you have straight hair, you'll need to start with a curling iron. Create a deep side part&mdash;either side will do&mdash;and curl your hair in vertical 1-inch sections, working your way front to back, says Maggiore. If you have access to both a small- and a medium-barrel iron, use them to create different-size curls. If not, curling different-size sections will have a similar effect. For the wavy-haired, apply a curl-defining cream and dry with a diffuser. Define a few pieces throughout by wrapping around fingers. Bring all of your hair around to the opposite side of your part and twist up and under. Use bobby pins to secure in place&mdash;preferably ones that are the same color as your hair so they don't stand out. Finish with a shine serum, like John Frieda Frizz-Ease Hair Serum Original Formula, $10, to polish off the look.

John Frieda Frizz-Ease Hair Serum Original Formula available at drugstores.

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Braided Bun


Get Eva Longoria Parker's glam 'do by updating a classic ballerina bun with a simple braid.

How to do it: After applying a spray gel&mdash;we like TRESemm&eacute; Simply No Frizz Spray Gel, $4.50&mdash;throughout damp locks, blow-dry hair away from face using a 2-inch round brush. Create volume and lift by parting top of head into a horseshoe shape and dividing hair into three horizontal sections. Use a teasing brush&mdash;not comb&mdash;at roots, explains Syfu. Lightly brush the surface of this area to smooth out exterior&mdash;without deflating the volume you?ve just created in the interior&mdash;and pull into a ponytail just below the crown. Divide into two sections. Twist one part clockwise into a bun using bobby pins to secure as you go. Braid remaining hair and wrap counterclockwise around the base of the bun. Finish with a light holding spray.

TRESemme; Simply No Frizz Spray Gel available at drugstores.

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Dressed Down Updo


Marissa Miller's look here is deconstructed and casual, says Syfu. Your approach to getting the style should be the same.

How to do it: Apply mousse through damp hair and begin power drying using only your fingers. (This means your blow-dryer should be on high heat, full power, and without the nozzle attachment.) Once completely dry, use a teasing brush all over. Keep in mind that the goal is to get texture, not volume, says Syfu. The best way to do this is to tease the surface instead of underneath&mdash;which is the way you would normally go. Once you have your desired texture, lightly pull hair back to just below the crown and create a loose pony, letting face-framing pieces fall out naturally. Use TRESemm&eacute; Fresh Start No-Frizz Creme, $4.50, to define them with fingers. Tease the pony and create a bun by twisting hair loosely around the base and securing with hair pins. Leave the ends out for a casual finish. Mist with a light hold hair spray. 

TRESemme; Fresh Start No-Frizz Creme available at drugstores.