The Denmark-born haircare brand offers customized, botanical-based formulas to regrow hair.

By Syden Abrenica

This past August, Danish hair brand Harklinikken invited me to learn more about their company firsthand. When I entered their Copenhagen headquarters, I felt an immediate sense of warmth, attention and compassion. The brand focuses on treating hair loss and thinning—and with good reason. Over 50% of Americans will suffer some level of hair loss by age 50.

Founded in 1979 by Lars Skjoeth, the clinic has seen tens of thousands of clients of various ethnicities, hair types and lifestyles. Trained consultants speak with each client—by phone or email or in person—and develop a potent custom-made treatment specifically for them. Utilizing Harklinikken's state-of-the-art equipment called follysis, consultants are able to zoom in on the scalp and observe the thickness, length and density of the hair root and shaft. I witnessed this personally—the technology is exclusive to the company—and was able to visibly decipher the increase in thickness of each strand.

The hair growth treatment, called The Extract, is made with plant-based ingredients and fatty acids and is free of any chemical enhancers. It's applied daily, in the evening, and washed out in the morning. The styling products, which also treat and protect the hair, should be used in conjunction with the treatment for maximum effectiveness. Consistency and compliance are a big part of achieving the best results.

Speaking of results, they’re noticeable after only four months and continue for more than a year. In Christine’s case (photo below), her before-and-after shows progress over a span of 18 months. The number of strands has grown, the hair looks much thicker and it also appears shiny and healthy.

What makes Harklinikken different from other hair companies is its customized, all-natural formula—one that lacks minoxidil, an FDA-approved drug that is commonly used here in the U.S. to treat hair loss and thinning. They do offer this ingredient for severe cases but rarely include it and only use it at less than 1% strength.

Luckily for us, the company has expanded its clinics outside of Denmark—to Germany, Dubai and now the United States. Tampa, Florida, is home to their U.S. headquarters, though those who aren’t near the clinics can still receive an in-depth one-on-one consultation through their website.

If you do decide to begin the Harklinikken Program, the brand encourages you to mention the code “INSPIRE” when speaking to a specialist this October. That way, 25% of the initial consultation fee will be donated to Look Good Feel Better, an amazing organization that restores women’s confidence following hair loss from chemotherapy.