Play It Cool with Heat-Free Summer Hairstyles

Gorgeous looks, no blow-dryer required.

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Beachy Waves

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Use these waves as the foundation for all the styles that follow.

Prep hair by washing before bed to bring out its natural texture. In the a.m. separate into six to eight sections and spritz liberally with a salt spray—try Verb Sea Spray ($14). Twist into pin curls, securing with clips. Air-dry for 15 to 30 minutes. Remove clips and shake out curls with fingers to separate.

Top, Lulus,, $29. 


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Tousled Bun

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Separate hair into three sections: one in back and one on each side. Spritz with a flexible hairspray, such as KMS Hairstay Working Hairspray (available at KMS Salons nationwide, $23). Create a low, loose pony with back section and tie with an elastic. Twist ponytail around hair tie and pin into place. Place one side section back and across top of bun, then wrap underneath and pin. Repeat on other side. For a softer effect, shake head gently to let loose pieces fall out.

Top, Entourage,, $29. Earrings, T.J. Maxx stores, $80.


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Half-Up Crown Braid 1

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Let hair fall into its natural part and braid a small front section on one side. With a fine-tooth comb, brush end of braid upward to tease—this prevents braid from unraveling. Repeat on other side. Pull both braids back and criss-cross, then loop one around the other, pulling to opposite sides and securing with bobby pins. Finish with a misting of anti-humidity spray, like Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Anti-Humidity Hairspray ($4), to minimize frizz and add shine.

Top, Cami NYC,, $158. Earrings, Orikami,, $44. 


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Half-Up Crown Braid 2

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Use bobby pins that match your hair color to blend seamlessly. Goody Colour Collection comes in brunette and blonde shades.


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Low Ponytail with Braid Wrap

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Part hair on the side and make a ponytail just above nape of neck. Pull out a small section of hair from under ponytail, braid and wrap around elastic. Secure with bobby pins.

Pick your favorite plait to pump up this pony—a fishtail, classic braid or simple twist all work.

Top, Morning Lavender,, $37. Earrings, Erin Tracy Bridal and Fine Jewellery,, $110.