Say goodbye to ponytail headaches and crease marks (and a few other hairstyling hardships) with these spiral hair rings.

By Margaret Fisher

"Does anyone have a hair tie?" I hear that almost daily, which is why you'll never catch me without a ponytail holder on my wrist (and a backup in my bag). Needless to say, my hair ties see a lot of use, and while undoubtedly necessary, those standard elastics do have their flaws. We're all familiar with crease marks, damaged hair and stretched hair ties. Where does this leave me? Not ready to give up my ponytail, but ready for something new.

That's exactly why I was excited to try the Invisibobble. The spiral-shaped hair ring quickly solved a few of my styling woes. Available in eight colors, the Original doesn't cause headaches or dents in hair or breakage. I've quickly become partial to the True Black, which easily gets hidden in my dark hair when tossed up into a messy bun.

Invisibobble also offers the Power and the Nano. The Power, as you might guess, offers a stronger grip than the Original, making it perfect for a trip to the gym. The Nano is a smaller spiral intended for creating updos and half-up hairstyles, taking the place of both bobby pins and your traditional hair ties.

My parting tip (and favorite Invisibobble feature): To revive a stretched-out Invisibobble, briefly blast it with your hairdryer. No more ponytail holders stretched to death from lots of love!