Modern Family actress shares her biggest beauty must-haves and discusses her partnership with classic beauty brand Neutrogena. 

By Dori Katz

Playing crazy yet lovable Claire Dunphy on the hit television show Modern Family is not such a stretch for Julie Bowen. In real life, Bowen is a multitasker who juggles the roles of actress, mom and Neutrogena beauty ambassador and still manages to always look gorgeous. We were able to steal a few minutes in between shooting and school pickups to ask Bowen how she maintains her glowing skin.

Bowen’s daily regimen is pretty streamlined and simple. After washing her face in the morning, she applies Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Serum and daytime moisturizer with sunscreen (from the same collection), slathering a bit on the back of her hands too. To save time, Bowen starts her evening regimen in the car with makeup remover wipes, followed by retinol again and a night cream.

"I carry a full beauty aisle in my bag at all times," Bowen admitted. "I spend a lot of time in traffic, so I like to multitask when I can!"

While the wipes and retinol reign as her favorite products of the moment, she also swears by Neutrogena's Triple Moisture Deep Recovery Mask . As a swimmer, she notices that her hair can get extra dry from chlorine. Bowen applies the nourishing mask and a swim cap before hopping into the pool for added protection and moisture.

Bowen’s fitness routine, evident in her toned (and tiny!) physique, rotates among swimming, running outdoors and hitting the gym. She believes that exercising daily contributes to healthy, glowing skin. Plus, it keeps her sane!

We were curious to find out Bowen’s absolute number one beauty rule. "That’s easy," she said. "Sunscreen!" She applies it obsessively, adding extra to her left hand and the left side of her face when driving, and she’s constantly reminding her two boys about the importance of sun protection. She keeps a variety of formulas in her car, house and bag, so they can pick and choose their favorites and make the process a little more fun.

When Neutrogena first approached Bowen about becoming a beauty ambassador, she jumped at the chance. "To me, the brand is about real beauty and taking care of yourself," she said. "It's no-frills and not fussy, just about healthy skin." The classic Neutrogena Facial Cleansing Bar was one of her first beauty purchases as a teenager, and she’s been hooked ever since.

We couldn’t let her go without asking for a little sneak peek at the upcoming season of Modern Family. All Bowen would reveal was "a pitter-patter of little feet in the Dunphy household" and that it’s going to be a fun and exciting season. We’ll be sure to tune in—after our beauty regimen, of course.