We asked a few leaders in the nail care industry what you can do to get your hands ready for spring.

By Melissa Matthews

The everyday work your hands do can really affect your nails. Therefore, they deserve tons of attention from you. The warm months are also quickly approaching and perfectly manicured hands are fashion essentials. We asked a few leaders in the nail care industry what you can do to get your hands ready. Here is what they had to say:

Cuticle Care

The winter months leave your nails dry. The dryness causes the skin around the nail bed to crack. To combat this you can apply a cuticle oil to seal in moisture, re-hydrate and revitalize cuticle and nails. Essie’s Apricot Cuticle Oil soothes and softens overgrown cuticles for easy removal leaving cuticles soft. Please visit www.essie.com. True Blue Spa At Your Fingertips softening cuticle oil stick is also great if you’re on the go. To make sure your nails are being protected and nourished no matter where you are this cuticle pen fits perfectly in any size bag. For more information visit www.bathandbodyworks.com.

visit www.essie.com

visit www.bathandbodyworks.com

Moisturize to the Max

Keeping your hands lathered up is extremely important and is vital to keeping your nails that way too. During the cold season your hands are exposed to extreme weather conditions. Look for hand creams that contain natural emollients, oils and vitamins A and E. Ingredients like these protect and oxygenize the skin. It’s also important to provide your hands with a layer of protection. Look for lotions that contain aloe vera and shea butter.

Shape Up

The right way to file your nails is in one direction, from side to center. It is best to use long even strokes, with the file under your nail. When you file in a back-and-forth motion your nails are more likely to split and peel. It is also important to buff your nails. Buffing smoothes ridges, bumps and stains. Be careful, too much can thin and weaken nails. Buff with a light touch in one direction only. This will also help your nails hold your favorite polish longer. One to try is Ms. Manicure Folding 4-Way Nail Buffer. One side shapes and smoothes and then flip it over to buff and polish. It is available at Albertson's and Duane Reade.

Splash of Color

Now that you have your nails right where you want them it’s time to add your favorite polish. If your looking for a new colors this season try shades in earth tones. If your nail polish often chips it is less noticeable if you choose a lighter shade like Essie’s Au Natural. Visit www.essie.com for more details.

visit www.essie.com