Skin Solutions

We turned to experts for tips for battling cooler-weather skin problems to help you to shed the effects of the season.

Every time the season changes so does your skin. The cooler temperatures and fewer hours of sunlight can make your skin care regimen more demanding. The cold winter weather and declining humidity causes dryness that must be battled. We turned to the experts from Cetaphil and Lucky Chick for tips that will allow you to shed the effects of the season.

Words to Live By

During the winter it is important to prepare yourself and your skin for the season. Here, are helpful tips from Cetaphil (

  • Moisturize your skin frequently throughout the day with a non-irritating, fragrance free moisturizer such as Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion
  • Make it a habit to carry lip balm and apply it frequently also try not to bite or pick at your lips.
  • For hands and feet that are especially effected by the season use a hand cream that contains shea butter and other emollients to soothe and smooth.
  • Use tissues that contain lotion when you have the sniffles. They tend to be softer on your nose.
  • Eye drops that help remove redness from the eyes are also good to carry during the cold months.
  • Most importantly, drink lots of fluids. Liquids help flush your system of impurities and help hydrate the skin.


Quick Fixes

Lucky Chick is a skin care line that is all about pampering yourself wherever your heart desires. Their advice will not only solve your skincare woes but will boost your mood as well!

Problem: Chapped skin from cold weather and wind.

Solution: Moisturize with a rich cream which has a soothing blend of ingredients such as chamomile, goldenseal, shea butter and henna extract.

Problem: The season has you stressed out and frazzled or you simply have the winter blues.

Solution: Immerse yourself in a cloud of pearly bubbles. Allow your senses to enjoy the aromas of Mimosa, Jasmine and Violet all found in Lucky Chick Bouncing Bubbles Bubble Bath ($16). Lucky Chick products are available by calling 888-920-0800 or by visiting Your skin will thank you for the array of moisturizing ingredients including extracts of soothing green tea and chamomile, honey and invigorating ginseng.

Problem: Cracked hands from over exposure to harsh elements.

Solution: To prevent painful cracking and chaffing it is important to use a hand cream not lotion that contains ingredients such as Vitamin E and Aloe Vera.