Beauty Serving Size: How Much Product Do You Actually Need?

A “dollop” can mean many things when it comes to beauty products. Slather, blend and dab like a pro with our application cheat sheet for hair and skin care.

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Golf Ball


Hair mask and conditioner (for thick, coarse strands) need enough for even distribution.

The Experts

Renée Rouleau, celebrity esthetician

Sarah Potempa, celebrity hairstylist and inventor of the Beachwaver

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Ideal for eye cream, hair wax and hair oil. When applying oil, avoid the roots and focus on mid-shaft to ends.

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Shot Glass


When using a foaming mousse, don’t go overboard. Dab on roots for volume or all over for soft waves.

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Four Tablespoons


Use at least this much sunscreen for your body. And don’t forget to re-apply throughout the day.

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Use a coin-size dollop of hair gel or shampoo—both of which should be applied at the roots.

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The perfect amount to cover your face, whether with cleanser, sunscreen or moisturizer.

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What is BB cream?

What is BB cream?