Banish breakouts, frizz and dryness with our head-to-toe beauty tips.

By Dori Katz

Smooth Talk: Bring it on, humidity, because we have the secret to sleek. Just like your nails, your hair needs a “topcoat” to keep it smooth and shiny, says Nunzio Saviano, owner of <a href="" title="<br />

Cmd+Click or tap to follow the link">Nunzio Saviano salon in NYC. This prevents water from penetrating strands, which ultimately causes frizz. It can be your daily conditioner (in which case, don’t completely rinse out in the shower), a styling product with silicone (like John Frieda Frizz Ease Original Six Effects Serum, $10), or coconut oil, which Saviano recommends for thick or coarse strands. Before blow-drying, blot damp hair gently with a towel and then dry fully in sections. Prevent a halo effect with anti-frizz sheets. Two to try: Nunzio Saviano’s ($18) and Redken FPF 10 Fly-Away Fix Finishing Sheets ($25 for 50). Or spray on Living Proof’s new No Frizz Humidity Shield ($22).

All About That Face: Your skin is put through the wringer in the summer, thanks to chlorine, sunscreen, salt water and (extra) sweat. So some women might benefit from a gentler routine. Dr. Ellen Marmur, associate clinical professor at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, recommends avoiding harsh stripping agents (such as sulfates) and trying a light, creamy cleanser, like VMV Hypoallergenics Moisture Rich Creammmy Cleansing Milk ($20), to remove water-resistant sunscreen and makeup. She also suggests blending three drops of a face oil into your daily moisturizer and gently patting it into your skin, from your forehead to your décolletage.

If you don’t have sensitivities, glycolic acid should be your new best friend, says Dr. Jody Levine, dermatologist for Gillette Venus. Start with a 2% formula of toner, lotion or cream and apply in the evenings on dry skin—water deactivates glycolic acid. During the day, slather on a broad- spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher.

Bare Essentials: Before slipping into your swimsuit, follow these pain-free hair removal tips. Gently exfoliate the area the night before with an acid—salicylic, glycolic or lactic—to prevent ingrown hairs, says Levine. To soften hairs, first let the shower steam up, then apply a moisturizing shave gel or soap for fewer nicks and cuts. Choose a razor that pivots, like the Gillette Venus Swirl Razor ($13), which adjusts to the contours of your body. Afterward, swipe an alcohol-free toner, like Dermalogica Multi-Active Toner ($36), onto skin. Soothe any irritation with a product containing aloe or by applying a thin layer of 1% hydrocortisone cream.

Step By Step: Put your best foot forward with urea—a miracle multitasker for feet, says Marmur. It exfoliates, softens cuticles and can even kill fungus and bacteria. Use a lotion, cream or ointment and apply in the evenings before bed. Eucerin Intensive Repair Extra-Enriched Foot Creme ($5.50) and Topix Urix 40 Urea Cream ($36) are good options.

In The Clear: To banish body breakouts, cleanse with a body wash that has acne-fighting charcoal or salicylic acid (2% to 5%), suggests Marmur. We like Origins Clear Improvement Purifying Body Wash ($22) and Neutrogena Body Clear Body Wash Pink Grapefruit ($8). Next, spray antiperspirant over any areas that are prone to pimples. Because sweat is usually a major culprit in body blemishes, Levine says to look for clothing with moisture- wicking fabrics. And avoid sitting for prolonged periods in wet clothing. Whenever possible, rinse off or at least change after exercising.