Get gorgeous in no time with holiday looks from today's top beauty bars and apps.

By Jesa Calaor

Reverse Smoky Eye

This classic with a twist from PRIV pro Evelyn Garcia ensures bold blinkers for your next evening out. Her technique lets you choose any color to blur into smoldering perfection, making this smoky eye a holiday look that also works all year round.

How To: After applying eye shadow primer around entire eyelid, brush on a soft shimmery nude shadow as a wash and blend a darker brown into crease. Apply black eyeliner along your waterline, then choose a fun color—dark blue, silver, olive—and layer that right on top. Using a smudge brush, blend the two shades together to create a cool effect. Finally, coat your lashes with mascara and finish off with a pair of false eyelashes to complete the holiday look.

Try: MAC Soft Brown Eye Shadow, $10. Urban Decay 24/7 glide on pencil, $20. NYX Extreme Shine glide on pencil, $8.

Silky Ribbon Waves

Strapped for time before a big soiree? Five minutes can turn your dull do into flowing romantic curls. "This ribbon technique smooths hair with heat and movement, creating a more relaxed curl," says GLAMSQUAD creative director Giovanni Vaccaro.

How To: Section off your hair based on the curls you desire (a bigger section creates a softer curl). Wrap hair—like a ribbon—around a small straightener. Rotate the iron 90 degrees, then release straight down. Tousle hair after curling, then apply your favorite finishing spray all over to wrap up this holiday look.

Try: Babyliss Pro NanoMini Straightening Iron, Redken Shine Flask, $18.

Shimmering Style

Create a fresh-off-the-slopes glow with these beauty secrets from Rouge. Adding a little luminizer, glitter and gloss will help you achieve glistening skin, rosy cheeks and a frosted pout.

How To: Mix luminizer into your foundation and apply all over your face. Swipe a small amount of lipstick and apply to cheeks as a stain. Using a nude lip liner, pencil in a defined line around the lips, then top off with a clear gloss. Complete the holiday look with a sprinkle of cosmetic glitter in your hair.

Try: Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector, $19.

Classic Bun

A sleek bun will keep hair in place whether you're dashing through the snow with your family or prepping for a winter ball. The look is versatile and can be worn to the side, back or right on top of the head, says DreamDry stylist Jay Jackson. Dress it up with accessories for even more holiday fun.

How To: Pull hair into a tight ponytail. Separate ponytail into big sections and curl in one direction. Intertwine the curls to make one giant curl or wave. Back comb underneath the ponytail and roll curl into a round, S-wave bun. Secure the bun with jumbo bobby pins.

Try: Conair Xtra Long Black Bobby Pins, $3.

Winter Double-Winged Liner

Doubling your cat eye will double its ferocity. It's an easy, fun way to elevate your makeup without taking up too much time, says Blushington's Jessica Scantlin.

How To: Using a white pencil eyeliner, draw a wing on the lid and a line under the waterline. The lower line should reach past the end of the eye and be the same length as the wing. Take a different color and draw a line between the white lines. Use that same liner to fill in your waterline.

Try: Clinique Skinny Stick in Angel Hair, $16.50.