Get Pinterest-worthy nails with this easy-to-use product.

By Margaret Fisher

Nail art can be intimidating, even if you do have steady hands. But with Art Screens from Caption Polish, perfecting the designs you're loving on Pinterest is totally doable. These nail stamping kits will turn you into a DIY manicure maven.

Each kit includes two stamping plates (with 24 patterns for dozens of design options), a stamper and a scraper. Creating your own design is as easy as one, two, three:

  1. Fill the pattern of your choice with nail polish.
  2. Swipe the scraper across the plate to remove excess polish.
  3. Press the stamper onto the plate to pick up the design, and then use the stamper to transfer to your already polished (and dry!) nails.

Voilà! Nail art for beginners.