Amp up your at-home pampering with this DIY paraffin wax treatment.

By Margaret Fisher

It's always great to get out for a manicure, but sometimes that just isn't in the cards schedule-wise. When it's DIY all the way, I like gLove Treat, a paraffin wax treatment that took my at-home manis to the next level.

Parrafin wax offers unparalleled moisturizing but has long been left to salon pros due to the hassle and mess of hot wax. gLove Treat cuts out the inconvenience while offering spa-style luxury.

The wax comes inside reusable gloves (and boots, if you're prepping your feet for sandal season). Just pop them in the microwave to melt the paraffin for your treatment.

I slipped the heated gloves on for 15 minutes of relaxation and removed them to uncover baby-soft skin. I rubbed in the excess oil for an extra moisture boost and had luxuriously soft hands for days!, $33.