By Dori Katz

I have always associated airbrush makeup with weddings, special events and television. All these occasions included a trained professional and a big, bulky machine—until now. The Temptu Air is the new at-home cordless airbrush makeup device that fits in the palm of your hand and truly covers all your makeup needs.

I was hesitant to try it, anxious about streaks or heavy results. After a few practice swipes on my hand, I moved on to my face and gave myself a glowy, dewy complexion in just a few passes. The formula is lighter than expected and is meant to be layered for more coverage. I attempted blush next and the results were a super-natural-looking rosy flush.

Each of the colors come in a small pod that should last about three months. In addition to foundation and blush, there are shades for bronzer and highlighter. The machine is rechargeable and has three speeds to control how much makeup is released at once.

My favorite part of the Temptu Air? It lets you feel like a professional with no training required. Check it out at