Your New Year’s resolutions don’t have to involve working out, eating better, or getting to bed earlier. Family Circle staffers resolved to take time to #treatyoself with more sheet masks, add color to our very New York all-black wardrobes, and more.

By Family Circle Editors
Photo by GettyImages

Makeup Perfecting

“In a perfect world, I'd love to wash my makeup brushes more often and plan my outfits the week before so I don't resort to my same go-tos all the time.” 

— Nicole Papantoniou, Assistant Food Editor

“Instead of just talking about it, this year I’d like to actually spring clean my makeup kit—well ideally clean it out every season, but that may be pushing it—to get rid of the old and make space for new products.”

— Dori Price, Beauty & Fashion Director

“Well-groomed brows can lift the eyes without plastic surgery! In 2018, I plan to get my brows threaded and shaped regularly, and I want to learn how to fill them in by watching YouTube tutorial videos.”

— Lixandra Urresta, Research Chief

Working on Our Glow

“I have very sensitive skin and it gets very dry in the winter. My New Year’s resolution is to make time for hydrating masks before going to bed. It usually falls off of my daily to-do list, but I’m committing to taking the extra ‘me’ time to get it done and get my glow on in 2018.” 

—Sugey Palomares, Social Media Editor

"I've been suffering from hormonal acne for a very long time, and I've turned to heavy foundations to cover it up. I've noticed that when I avoid dairy and coffee, my acne disappears. This year, my resolution is to not only eat healthier, but to be stricter on my dairy and coffee intake so that I can comfortably be foundation-free!"

—Daley Quinn, Assistant Beauty & Fashion Editor

“The winter wind makes my skin super dry, especially under my eyes.  My resolution is to stop complaining about how dry/lifeless my skin looks and commit to a serious moisture regimen instead. #newyear #newskin”

—Caroline Mullen, Editorial Assistant

Getting Our Fashion Game on Point

“I've found that I'm in a much better mood throughout the day when I'm wearing something I like and not just something I threw together in a rush. This year I'd really like to take time to plan my outfits for work so I look and feel more polished.”

— Kaitlyn Pirie, Associate Health Editor


“My resolution is to have a stronger #shoegame. I have a ridiculous shoe collection and always wear the same few pairs.”

— Zoe Roscoe, Associate Beauty & Fashion Editor

“I’m going to try to buy clothes with some color. I apparently forget all the gray tees and sweaters I already own when I shop.” 

— Sarah Wharton, Associate Food Editor

Pampering Our Hair, Too

“I have thick, curly hair that I always straighten with a blow dryer or a flat iron. In this new year, I want to take better care of my curls by minimizing my use of hot tools and by applying a deep treatment hair mask, like one with coconut oil, once a week. Keeping my curls healthy will hopefully help me to finally embrace my natural texture.”

— Ardenis Perez, Associate Editor

I’m embarrassed to admit that I have all the tools I need to deep condition my #naturalhair on the regular—except for one: coconut oil, argan oil and even organic Jojoba oil? Check. Plastic caps? Check, bought by the dozen. My own personal hooded dryer? If you can believe it, check. Time? Hmmm, that’s been holding me back. This year I’m committed to deep conditioning every other week because I want to see my natural hair grow! The key: multitasking. The plan is to use my time under the dryer to channel my inner Shonda Rhimes and write.”

— Lynya Floyd, Health Director

Last But Not Least: Loving Our Curves

“2018 is going to be all about loving and flaunting my curves.” 

— Dana Einsidler, Junior Designer