Style expert Jenny Altman shares her favorite fast fashion fixes.

By Nicole McGovern
Photography by Diana King

We've all been there: snagged tights, popped buttons, ripped a hem. You need fashion fixes fast. So we tapped into the expertise of Jenny Altman—style guru of—for her best tips.

Q: I snagged my tights. How can I prevent the run from getting bigger?

A: The good news is any drugstore will have the following solutions. Try fashion tape (we like Hollywood Fashion Tape, $9). Reach inside the tights and put tape over the snag. The sticky part of a clear bandage or piece of Scotch tape also works. Or dab clear nail polish on the top and bottom of the run (try OPI Top Coat, $10).

Q: Underwear lines drive me nuts! Any suggestions?

A: Every woman in America should own nude seamless underwear. It's the most useful undergarment ever. A boy short, like Aerie Outta-Sight Mini Boybrief, $13, is even less visible than a thong. Stock up and you'll never go back.

Q: What should I do to keep a pull in a sweater from unraveling?

A: Push the snag back inside the sweater—that way it's less likely to get worse. If you can pull it through and tie it into tight knots, you may be able to save the sweater and hide the snag.

Q: Is there a quick remedy for removing an oil stain?

A: Very carefully blot the excess oil with a towel. Next, cover the spot with a generous amount of baby powder (or cornstarch or salt). Let it sit on the stain for a few minutes to absorb the oil. Rub with color-free dish soap, hand soap or even shampoo. Once the spot has lifted, machine wash the item by itself with detergent, and hang to dry.

Q: I've heard that a flat iron is a good way to smooth out wrinkles. True?

A: Absolutely! Just remember clothing, like hair, is flammable. Very carefully use moderate heat and pay close attention the entire time. First test on a hidden spot, because gentle fabrics can easily change texture with direct heat. I would only be brave enough to try this on sturdy fabrics such as cottons, not silk. (We like Hot Tools Smart Touch Salon Flat Iron, $70.)

Q: What items do you keep in your bag in case of fashion emergencies?

A: I have fashion tape, safety pins, bobby pins, bandages and a sewing kit at all times. Pinch Provisions Skinny Minimergency Kit, $24, has all five fashion fixes and then some.

Bonus Editor's Tip: Compeed Blister Cushions ($9–$9.50) are a lifesaver for anyone who's on the go or prone to blisters. A virtually invisible cushion relieves pain and will stay put for a few days. These bandages are made from breathable fabric, so the skin can repair itself while covered. Available in a variety of sizes, they work on heels or wherever you need a little extra padding. Talk about happy feet.