Flatter Your Figure

Tired of wearing garments that don't fit or flatter a larger figure? We gathered some helpful information from the experts at Talbots Woman.

Slim Shoulders and Upper Body, Fuller Hips and Thighs

  • It’s important to decorate your neckline with special details. This will draw attention to the right spot.
  • Fill your closet with tops and sweaters that are fun and bright colored take the interest off of your hips.
  • Short necklaces such as a choker and patterned scarves enhance an attractive neckline and lead the eye upward.
  • A great look for you is a tunic-style top over wide-leg pants that flow nicely for a comfortable, slimming look.
  • Find a structured jacket to help you even out your top and bottom.

Broad Shoulders, Full Waist and Hips

  • Look for clothes that create a waistline and elongate your appearance with more vertical pieces.
  • Look for cardigans and single-breasted jackets with front closures to create long, lean lines.
  • You will always look your best in sweaters and tops that have V-necklines. They visually narrow the upper body.
  • Choose tops that are fluid and drape nicely instead of ones that cling to your body and pull over trouble spots.
  • Monochromatic dressing from head to toe creates a nice vertical line.

Broad Shoulders and Upper Body, Slimmer Hips and Legs

  • You look your best when you choose clothes that emphasize your legs and lengthen your top
  • A long collared shirt over a fitted tee will slim your middle and even out your body proportions.
  • Make a tapered jacket a new staple in your wardrobe to create a leaner-looking waist.
  • It’s great if you love to wear patterns and bold colors but just make sure you wear them on your bottom half. They will be more flattering there.
  • Don’t be afraid to show off your great legs! A short, slim skirt emphasizes your assets.

Broad Shoulders and Hips, Slim Waist

  • You have a classic hourglass figure. Look for necklines that are beautiful and bottoms that are understated.
  • Don’t let your broad shoulders bother you simply choose round, high, notched and shawl necklines and it should de-emphasize this area.
  • A fabulous double-breasted jacket or a sweater that is a wrap will show off that great waistline.
  • Since you want to draw attention to your trim waist make sure you use wide belts or belts with dramatic details to draw the eye in.
  • Stay away from pleated pants and skirts. Instead opt for ones that have flat-fronts to help slim your lower half.