Tips from actress Malin Akerman.

By Danielle Blundell

Celeb moms—they're just like us, especially when it comes to summer and the uptick in laundry the season brings. Right now we're dealing with all sorts of icky summer stains, from grass and mud to ice cream and, unfortunately, sweat. And how are you supposed to wash SPF fabrics and moisture-wicking athletic wear anyway? When Malin Akerman, mom to Sebastian, 3, and star of Showtime's Billions, recently partnered with LG and their SideKick machine, we took notice. Having a kid in a summer day camp means lots of outfit changes, running around and laundry loads, so we caught up with the actress for a few exclusive time-saving summer tips.

1. Work smarter, not harder when it comes to household chores like doing the laundry. "My new favorite toy, the SideKick, was made for summer active wear, everything from the SPF fabrics and fabrics that wick away sweat to swimsuits and the delicates you really care about," says Akerman. "There are six different cycles on it, so you pick the one for what you're washing, and you know it's being well taken care of. And you're saving—it's like one-eighth of the water that's being used in a regular wash." Better yet, in addition to being a specialized machine, a pedestal washer is also a space- and time-saver. You install it under your regular washer (literally by stacking the machines), and you can run your big loads in the regular machine at the same time you wash a smaller load in the pedestal.

2. Keep summer gatherings simple. If you're having friends over, no need to get crazy with menu planning or trendy craft cocktails. "Summer is such a great season to bring in everything that's local and fresh and just do a buffet of vegetables and fruits," says Akerman. Don't stress about planning activities either. "Having your friends around is all the entertainment you really need," she says.

3. The best summer dress code is casual. "Living in California, I'm always in a bathing suit because it's so easy to transition from day to night," says Akerman. "I'll throw on a one-piece for an afternoon on the beach, running around after my son. Then all I need is a cute skirt and gauzy top or an off-the-shoulder netted sweater to elevate the look for dinner."

Watch the video here for more from Malin Akerman, including her day-to-night fashion tips, and check out LG's SideKick and the TWINWash system.