The bags that will keep your life organized. Literally. 

By Nicole McGovern

I’ll admit it: I carry the largest tote or handbag possible, toss everything I own in it, and ultimately can’t find a thing when I need it. The bag becomes a giant black hole, where hair ties, packs of almonds and crumpled receipts go to meet their end.

Courtney Reenstra and Meagan Coomber, best friends, moms and cofounders of Birdling, are trying to end the madness. The concept was hatched after Reenstra's ill-fated packing experience on her first weekend away with her newborn daughter.

The line of compartmentalized bags make travel, work and everyday life much, much easier. From a small Essentials Kit to a unisex fits-everything Weekender, all bags have functional inside and outside compartments, come in a variety of colors and can easily be spot-cleaned. Most also have an optional shoulder strap, for those days when it feels like two arms are just not enough.

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