New Jewelry Trends to Try Now

Jewelry can make even the simplest outfit—hello, jeans and T-shirt!—look more special. And it’s an easy way to update a tried-and-true look. These are some of the latest trends you’ll be seeing on necks, wrists and ears near you.

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Resin Pieces

resin jewelry

Photo by Peter Ardito

Photo by Peter Ardito

Cut Out Accent Cuff,, $120.

Slice of Stone Hoop Earrings, Kate Spade New York,, $48.

Floral Splash Earrings,, $75. 

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Rainbow Pieces

rainbow jewelry

Photo by Peter Ardito

Photo by Peter Ardito

Melyssa Beaded Bracelet Set,, $38.

Havana Tassel Earrings,, $55.

Rainbow Brite Set of Three Bracelets,, $210.

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Statement Earrings

statement earrings

Photo by Peter Ardito

Photo by Peter Ardito

Scarf Hoop Earrings,, $48.

Star Bouquet Stud Earrings,, $42.

Goldtone & Faux Turquoise Waterfall Earrings,, $42. 

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Bold Pendant Necklaces

bold pendant necklaces

Photo by Peter Ardito

Photo by Peter Ardito

Sunshine Stones Pendant Necklace, Kate Spade New York,, $128.

Brinn Pendant Adjustable Necklace,, $85.

Rory Necklace, Stella & Dot,, $98. 

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How to Pack Jewelry for Vacation

beaded necklace

Photo by Andrew Stinson

Photo by Andrew Stinson

Heading out on a summer vacation? Lucky you! Pack jewelry to go with tips from NYC-based jeweler Stephanie Gottlieb.

• If you don’t have a proper jewelry case, ziplock bags are a great option. You can see each piece, so nothing gets lost.

• Avoid rolling jewelry in clothing—it’s easy to forget when unpacking, and you could accidentally cause damage. Use clothes as layers of cushioning between pouches instead. 

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• Pack statement pieces individually in their own bag or pouch to prevent damage.

• Put individual earrings in separate baggies, then place each pair in a larger bag. This will keep stones from falling out and help prevent scratches. 

• To avoid tangled necklace chains, pack each piece in its own plastic bag with the clasp on the outside of the bag.

Necklace pictured above:
Yellow is hot across all types of jewelry, like this Frazzle Beaded Necklace (, $23).