Tis’ the season for online shopping and stocking up on cyber deals, but an e-commerce site received backlash over how they advertise plus-sized tights.

By Sugey Palomares

The discount site Wish.com showcases a model fitting her entire body in a pair of plus-sized pantyhose. Instead of hiring plus-size models to showcase the product, there are so-called “standard” models stretching the pantyhose up to their faces. The item, which is listed for $4, comes in black and nude and is also advertised as “anti-hook.”

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“How Wish advertise tights for plus size women hahahaha,” wrote Twitter user Gaz Phizmas.

While some find the humor in it, others find it totally offensive.

Another woman wrote:

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The fact is that the plus-size industry reportedly made $17.5 billion in 2015, according to Forbes. That’s a number and market that continues to expand. Ads like these are shameful and a missed opportunity for merchandisers to service their market. It’s no wonder they’re feeling the backlash from this marketing miss.

What do you think about the plus-sized ad for tights on Wish.com?