Style Makers: 3 Influential Trendsetters

Take note (we did) as our trio of tastemakers inspire with their advice on how to get, create, and unleash your own unique chic.

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Stacy London: The Realist


Stacy London, cohost of TLC's super-successful What Not to Wear, now in its eighth season, wants to know if we're listening to our "inner Stacy" when we ask if she will share her style story. For the record, we all have an "inner Stacy," a trusted friend who will tell us to walk away from the acid-wash denim and step toward the neat little pencil skirt that flatters every curve. Creative expression as a young girl developed into her lifelong passion and career. Stacy found her niche when she started working with real women and became a self-professed "style translator." She clearly understands the power of clothing and is determined to share her knowledge with all those who seek it.

Philosophy: Boiled down to its essence, Stacy's mantra is "know thyself." She elaborates, "Style is fit, knowledge, and research. It takes time and work, but if you look honestly at yourself and understand what your raw materials are and accept them, then you are on the path to achieving true style."

Beauty Brief: Stacy's silver streak arrived at the surprising age of 12 after a long illness. Even though people tell her the gray makes her look old and that she should get rid of it, she views it as part of her identity, a one-of-a-kind beauty mark.

Faves: A firm believer in clothes that are tailored but not tight, and round-the-clock-high heels, Stacy defines her personal style as classic with a twist. She loves pieces that can be kept in her wardrobe for a long time and particularly those items with one special detail that elevates their status from mundane to interesting.

Trends, Yay or Nay? Stacy recommends picking and choosing, like you would at a smorgasbord, what works each season. She has three filters that she uses to determine which trends will fit—age, body type, and lifestyle—and emphasizes taking each into consideration before buying.

Style Icon: Sophia Loren

Words of Wisdom: "Fashion is an instrument for creativity to express a personal vision. You choose what to do with it. It's a tool in your arsenal." Spoken like a true style guru.

Shirt, Elizabeth & James. Faux-fur vest and cropped trousers, Jody Arnold. Bracelet, R.J. Graziano. Boots, Stuart Weitzman.

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Stacy's Essentials


Stacy's favorite seasonless jacket by Gary Graham.

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Rebecca Moses: The Artist


Fashion designer Rebecca Moses captivates us with her unique brand of modern, eclectic chic and incredible, innate presence. Rebecca spent much of her design career living and working in Italy, where she developed a bold personal look that simmers with understated glamour. In her recently published book, A Life of Style, which she authored and illustrated in a friendly, girl-to-girl fashion, she asks and answers the tough questions: Is style about money? What is a look? How do we communicate our vision? Her new well-priced collection, which sells for $29 to $399, homes in on what established her in the luxury arena: color, comfort, and timelessness.

Philosophy: "Focus on that quintessential item you love, don't be afraid to mix and use color, experiment and explore!" She loves "a look" but doesn't let it wear her. "Be confident and courageous, and go for that feel-good factor when you dress."

Beauty Brief: Your hair might just be what you're known for, like Rebecca's slicked-back locks. She admits that she is a "small hairdo kind of girl." She prefers lipstick, especially red, and her current favorite is Chanel's Rouge Allure Laque Lip Lacquer in Dragon, a dramatic contrast to her pale skin and dark hair.

Faves: Rebecca prefers wearing black and white, even though she is considered the queen bee of color. She feels that great shoes and a few charming pieces of jewelry are important for creating your look—just take a glance at her illustrated ladies, who we noticed look uncannily similar to Rebecca. Empower yourself with choices and invest in grown-up pieces for spring 2011, like a great dress or a signature coat.

Trends, Yay or Nay? Rebecca believes in trusting your instincts and being honest about your likes and dislikes. If you adore the new trends of the season, then go with the flow. Define your loves and develop them, and search for inspiration—absorb life and let it influence you.

Style Icon: Audrey Hepburn

Words of Wisdom: "Style is not skin deep, it is soul deep. It is how we communicate who we are to the world around us. It is our voice." We couldn't have said it better.

Vintage kimono, her own. White cotton shirt and wool trousers, Rebecca Moses. Earrings, her own. Shoes, Chanel.

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Rebecca's Essentials


Fragrances, like Elixir des Merveilles by Hermes, are Rebecca's passion.

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Suzi Weiss-Fischmann: The Classicist


Can style be bottled? Well, if you're Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, executive VP and artistic director of nail care company OPI, then yes it can. Suzi is a true risk taker, right down to her perfectly manicured tippy toes. Her position demands that she turn out mind-blowing new color palettes of nail polish each season. She travels worldwide in search of inspiration and fashion trends to determine what looks right at that very moment. She doesn't just complement what's hot on the runways but starts trends herself. Shades like Lincoln Park After Dark, a deep, dark purple, and the extremely popular velvety gray-taupe You Don't Know Jacques! are two of her recent major hits.

Philosophy: Suzi was the first to show the world that new, quirky colors could look fabulous on hands and toes. She believes that women shouldn't be afraid of color. You don't have to play it safe. Use your nails as a device for self-expression and to accessorize your personal style. "Nail lacquer has no age limits; it's the mind-set that counts."

Beauty Brief: A bright lipstick is a great way to add color without going overboard. Her current favorite lip color is Lancome's L'Absolu Rouge in Blush Royale and her current nail obsession is the OPI Texas collection. She is also emphatic about a good haircut: "It's an easy way to look polished without too much extra effort."

Faves: Suzi loves to add unique elements like her jewelry, scarves and, of course, every imaginable hue of nail color. In an ironic twist, she wears mostly neutrals because she works with so much color she prefers to keep her own day-to-day look pared down.

Trends, Yay or Nay? Suzi recommends investing in a printed dress that can transition from day to night, a pair of easy, wide-legged trousers, and something with a brightly colored floral or botanical print for spring; and choosing a piece in this season's must-have shade, coral.

Style Icon: Coco Chanel

Words of Wisdom: Suzi's pro-fashion attitude is contagious. We love her positive takeaway, "Fashion lets you express your individuality and makes you feel good." Just don't forget the nails.

Black silk taffeta shift, Lanvin. Eyeglasses, Paul Smith. Medallion necklace, Diana Broussard. Vintage enamel bracelet, Yves Saint Laurent from Carole Tanenbaum Vintage Collection.

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Suzi's Essentials


OPI Nail Lacquer in Austin-Tatious Turquoise.