White Wash: Light Summer Clothes

Summer's pure palette includes shades of cream, eggshell, and pearl. Loosen up with soft, natural textures and effortless shapes, and luxe it up with loads of earthy extras.

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Light & Lively


Embrace your playful side in easy peasant pieces that let you move. A rope-cinched waist flatters your form.

Top, Mushka by Sienna Rose, $58, Macy's stores. Skirt, Old Navy, $29.50, Old Navy stores. Sandals, Restricted Footwear, $55, endless.com. Necklace, Stephan & Co, $24, alltherageonline.com. Belt, Aeropostale, $10, Aeropostale stores. Bangles, SURevolution, $24.50 each, surevolution.com.

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Comfort Zone


Wrap up your summer style in warm-weather knits that are relaxed and modern.

Tank, J.Jill, $49, jjill.com. Pants, SONG Valerie Gregori McKenzie, $68, 305-936-0467. Scarf, Echo, $48, echodesign.com. Flower pin, Stella & Dot, $39, stelladot.com. Bracelets, Cocobelle (top), $20, 866-999-8447; Agabhumi (bottom), $16, agabhumi.com.

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Free Spirit


Shell-embellished flip-flops keep your loose linens grounded.

Shirt, J.Jill, $59, jjill.com. Tank, H&M, $18, hm.com. Pants, LOFT, $69.50, loftonline.com. Sandals, Ocean Minded, $26, oceanminded.com for retailers. Necklace, Stephan & Co, $24, alltherageonline.com. Belt, Esprit, $39.50, esprit.com. Bangles, R.J. Graziano, $25 each, 212-685-1248. Bracelet, Sequin, $58, 212-398-7363. Bag, San Diego Hat Co., $48, sandiegohat.com.

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Mother Nature


Take your fashion cues from the great outdoors. Go for breezy, textured linens mixed with rustic woven raffia accessories.

Dress, SONG Valerie Gregori McKenzie, $148, 305-936-0467. Necklace, LOFT, $49.50. Bangles, R.J. Graziano, $25 each, 212-685-1248. Clutch, Laila Rowe, $30, lailarowe.com.

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Sun Salutation


Soak up the rays in warm shades of ivory that keep you looking cool.

Top, H&M, $25, hm.com. Pants, Esprit, $69.50, esprit.com. Sandals, Cocobelle, $59, garnethill.com. Bracelets, Andean Collection, $24/each, theandeancollection.com. Necklace, Colette Malouf, stylist's own.

Originally published in the August 2010 issue of Family Circle magazine.

This piece was accurate at publication time, but all prices, offerings, and styles are subject to change.