The Truth About Fashion

Put an end to all the old wives' tales surrounding your clothing with a few of the essential tips from the Woolite Fashion Forum.

Fashion plays a major role in today's society. There are more options and trends than ever before. Who can keep up? The key to looking great and shopping smart is being aware of the facts over fiction in today's styles. For your benefit we are going to share a few of the essential tips from the Woolite Fashion Forum new booklet, "Dispelling the Myths about Fashion and Fabric Care." For your own free copy of the booklet write to Woolite? Myths Booklet, P.O. Box 1283, Grand Rapids, MN 55745-1283. You can finally put an end to all the old wives' tales surrounding your clothing!

True or False?

1. Monotones can make you look like you shed up to 10 pounds

True — You will look pounds thinner if you dress in one tone with just a splash of color. Create an unbroken line by dressing in a neutral shade like black, navy or beige. Also, adding color with a bright jacket or accessories draws the eye away from your trouble spots. A neutral-toned, longer tailored jacket over a colorful tank or turtleneck can also be slimming.

2. Never wear white before Memorial Day or after Labor Day.

False — You have probably heard this myth for years. Thanks to recent fashion trends it is no longer true. You no longer have to keep the white suit you love for summer months. A white skirt and even a pair of cropped white pants can be seen at a holiday party in the middle of December. However, do not try to wear white linen pants in February. Wearing white in the winter can be glamorous when worn correctly. You have to consider the fabric first. Wool, Flannel and even silk are appropriate for the cooler seasons.

3. Layers can make you look thinner.

False — This is a big mistake you make when you tie sweaters around your waist to hide your problem areas. Wearing clothing that is baggy or even too tight will accentuate heavier figures. Most women look beautiful in structured, not oversized, clothes. Fitted jackets, tops with scoop necks and blouses with ruffled edges will create a more slimming effect than layers.

4. Your Shoes and Handbags should always match.

False — This is a tale from the past. The days of matching all your accessories are over. You no longer have to worry about finding the perfect shade of green to match your green suit. Don't be afraid to pair a pink clutch when wearing black stilettos. The spring is going to be filled with bright accessories so take a chance on color this season.

5. Clothes with the label "Dry Clean" can't be washed.

False — This is perhaps the most shocking myth revealed. If the care label says Dry Clean (Not Dry Clean Only), and the item is simply constructed with no lining or decorative trim and colorfast, you may have the option to machine wash with a mild detergent like Woolite Fabric Wash. To test for colorfastness, before washing, place the edge of an inner seam or hem on a paper towel. Saturate a cotton swab with cool water and press down firmly on the fabric. If no color bleeds on the paper towel, you just saved yourself a trip to the dry cleaner.