When I was in middle school our locker decorations were pretty simple and, I now realize, really boring. I put up pictures of my friends, a mirror and maybe a dry-erase board if I was lucky. These days, though, girls can create a miniature room of their own with great new accessories available today.

According to the New York Times, this growing trend includes more than just a photo of the latest heartthrob (Justin Timberlake when I was growing up). Girls across the country are outfitting their school lockers with miniature furry carpets, lamps and chandeliers (like the ones above), mirrors, decorative flowers and magnetic wallpapers in all kinds of fun colors and patterns.

Two moms even started the company LockerLookz, creating some of these fun products for kids, after other moms admired the creative way they helped their daughters decorate. On the site, you can get wallpapers, fashion bins, mirrors, dry-erase boards, flowers, rugs, lamps and those super-adorable chandelier in patterns like zebra or polka dots in bright colors.

But some think the trend goes too far and takes the focus away from books (what should traditionally be kept in your locker).

Tell us, momsters: What do you think? Is this a fun trend you'd let your daughter try out or do you find it kind of ridiculous? Share with us in the comments below!