Urban Jungle: Summer Fashion

With a nod to Africa, Asia, and South America, summer style takes a tribal turn with exotic prints, primitive accessories, and fierce animal patterns tempered by great safari basics.

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Out of Africa


The Safari trend is having its moment in the sun—just don't forget to spice up your look with plenty of ethnic embellishments.

Shirt, Echo, $58, echodesign.com. Capris,
Esprit, $49.50, esprit.com. Belt, Cocobelle, $108, 305-292-5172. Beaded necklace, Cocobelle, $28, 866-999-8447. Wooden necklaces (top to bottom), Agabhumi, $36, $16, $22, agabhumi.com. Bangles and ring, SURevolution, $20/each and $45, surevolution.com for locations.

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Culture Club


A long jersey dress in a traditional batik print is both elegant and wearable when paired with a Berber-inspired flat for maximum movement.

Dress, T-Bags, $207, 843-524-7118. Sandals, American Eagle Outfitters, $29.50, ae.com. Earrings, R.J. Graziano, $75, 212-685-1248 for availability. Necklaces (top to bottom), LOFT, $34.50, loftonline.com; Agabhumi, $28, agabhumi.com. (Left hand) bracelet, Agabhumi, $12, agabhumi.com. (Right) yellow cuff, Cocobelle, $28, 305-292-5172. Black cuff, Agabhumi, $14, agabhumi.com.

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Queen of the Jungle


Natural elements like raffia and wood are the perfect partners for a bold animal-print top.

Top, LOFT, $44.50, loftonline.com. Pants,
Talbots, $79.50, talbots.com. Hat, Echo, $38, echodesign.com. Flower pins, LOFT, $12.50 (small), $14.50 (large), loftonline.com. Necklace, H&M, $30, hm.com for locations. Belt, LOFT, $29.50, loftonline.com. Ring, SURevolution, $90, surevolution. Bag, Buji Baja, $142, gumtreela.com.

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Boho Bazaar


Cargoes are the pants of choice for summer. These go from basic to bohemian with a metal-beaded Moroccan vest and jeweled thongs.

Vest, Esprit, $129.50, esprit.com. Tank,
H&M, $13, hm.com for locations. Cargoes,
American Eagle Outfitters, $39.50, ae.com. Scarf, Martin + Osa, $69.50, martinandosa.com. Bag, Cappelli Straworld, $27, 800-367-3626. Sandals, Coconuts by Matisse, $59, bostonproper.com. (Left
hand) gold bangles, R.J. Graziano, $28 (medium), $28/set of 5 (thin), 212-685-1248. Raffia bangle, Ben-Amun by Isaac Manevitz, $15, ben-amun.com. (Right) two-tone bangle, Ben-Amun by Isaac Manevitz, $95, ben-amun.com; thin bangles, Bombay Fashions, $20/set of 5, bombayfashions.com.

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Top Tie-Dye For


Play mix-master when combining prints, with compatible colors that pull the look together for a fun, folkloric style.

Top, Sienna Rose, $34.50, siennarose.com. Shorts, Martin + Osa, $69.50, martinandosa.com. Earrings, Agabhumi, $36, agabhumi.com. Scarf, Martin + Osa, $69.50, martinandosa.com. Necklace, R.J. Graziano, $55, 212-685-1248. (Left hand) bangles (top to bottom), Ted Rossi, $65, tedrossi.com; Ben-Amun by Isaac Manevitz, $95, ben-amun.com; Agabhumi, $10, agabhumi.com for locations; Lenora Dame, $40, lenoradame.com. (Right) bangles, Colette Malouf, $148/each, henribendel.com for locations.

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Wild Kingdom


Tame an exotic zebra print with a utilitarian blouson top. A cross-cultural mix of accessories adds nomadic appeal.

Top, Song Valerie Gregori McKenzie, $138,
305-936-0467. Skirt, The Limited, $69.50, thelimited.com. Sandals, Sam Edelman, $99, hsn.com. Hat, San Diego Hat Co., $54, sandiegohat.com. Earrings, Mark, $14, meetmark.com. (Left hand) bracelets, brass bead bangle, SURevolution, $35, surevolution.com for locations. Thin bangles, Rosena Sammi, $50/pair, shoprosenasammi.com. (Right) Metal bracelet, SURevolution, $95, surevolution.com. Thin bangles,
Rosena Sammi, $50/pair, shoprosenasammi.com.