The discount store has returned as an e-commerce shopping destination. 

By Nicole McGovern

It’s no secret: We love a good deal. That’s why the return of Filene’s has us excited to shop designer finds

With more than one million SKUs, the thought of sifting through all that product can be daunting. Not to worry! There's a “find what’s you” feature, which allows you to personalize and filter your searches by brand, gender, price and more. And you can change them anytime, depending on your mood that day.

Unsure about an item? Stash it in your “basement” (read: wish list) along with other goodies in order to curate an outfit or accessorize a room before you buy.

Get inspired by other customers in the “Style Stories” section, where shoppers can show off their finds and tell their stories.

Personalized shopping, without leaving home. At a discount. We’d call that a win-win-win.

Get shopping today at

FC readers get an additional 15% off with code ShopStyle (now through 9/26/15).